Fallout from a GoGaDoll present

Posted June 30, 2009




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Waramon: I would be remiss if I let this perfect occasion slide by to thank DEAR Ms. PamSD and Ms. Clochette for their thoughtful gift they presented to me at GoGaDoll week before last –



and as an added bonus, I am on theme, resplendent in regal purple. To match my favorite hair ornament, the token of a tryst I shall always fondly remember…



Buddha Girl: Yeh, and WE been tryin’ hard ta fo’git LAS’ year’s creepy memory – dis SO in’t helpin’!

Angry Sparrow: Yehwat happen to you skirt – look like you fo’git it somewheres.

Tragic Plum: Oh, sisters, this year he remembered what he FORGOT last year… ooooooh

Waramon: Oh – hello, little Birdie Girlies –



Waramon: Come to check out my newest sartorial essay, have you? And here I thought this would be a private little photo shoot –



Buddha Girl: Eh, you ‘bout as private as a BOIL onna NOSE! Where you get off talkin’ like dat, you big perv?

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, I can’t look any more... there’s things I never thought I’d see again… that I’m seeing againooooh

Angry Sparrow: Eh – you seen one coin slot, you seen ‘em all.

Waramon: And here I always thought mine was a splendid specimen *chuckle*.



Buddha Girl: Yeh, dat wat all pervs tink, dey each special. But after dat GoGieDolly ting, we see you jus’ ANUDDER perv among t’ousands a’pervs. Only special ting is, you Ms. Beamlette’s perv!

Tragic Plum: Oooh, WHY does Ms. Beamlette think she NEEDS a perv in her house?... oooh

Angry Sparrow: Maybe it part of some quota – “one perv per household”, somethin’ like dat.



Waramon: How you do chirp, little Birdies! I think it’s most kind of Ms. Beamlette to let you inside, so you don’t have to hide in a shrub to sing your little songs, especially when it’s so hot out there today *smirk*.



Tragic Plum: OOOOOOH… I really can’t take this anymore… my retinas… they burn… they BURRRRN… ooooooh… *faints*

Buddha Girl: Eh, sister, SISTER! Get a hold of you self – oh-oh, I tink she down for de count. Help me, sister; we gots to pick her up –

Waramon: Gracious! She has taken this a little too much to heart

Angry Sparrow: It not her heart dat hurt, you dumbass.



Waramon: My apologies, little tweets -- I do forget the power of my animal magnetism sometimes – shame on me! *wink*



I have no quibble with the “animal” part, but is it REALLY “magnetic”?


Meantime, another of my animals goes on his annual rampage – namely Tancredi. We also meet yet another of the extended Sinclair family, in…


Forget BASTILLE DAY? *Nevaire!*



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