Forget BASTILLE DAY? *Nevaire!*

Posted July 14, 2009




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    I al-most forgot to remind ev-ery-one zat eet ees BASTILLE DAY!

    Yup, it's BASTILLE DAY again!



It just so happens that another of the Sinclair clan has come to visit, one Valentine Prinsep Sinclair, cousin to Waramon and Persephone, son of their father’s brother. He and Persephone share a love of computers and academia, unlike most of the family. We find them peacefully whiling away their time in the drawing room –


Persephone: – If you click on this *taps key*, it opens another window to show you the dénouement of this little tale –

Valentine: Oh – Is that – it IS! Hahaha!



Valentine: Oh, I say, Persephone – you ferret out the oddest sites –

Persephone: I cannot take the credit, cousin; a friend brought this to my attention recently. He has quite the eye for the absurd and otherwise off-kilter, as you can see –

**creeeeekcreeeeekcreeeeek… **



Valentine: *startled* What – what could be making that dreadful creaking noise? Like something wicked, it comes this way –

Persephone: Ah, just like clockwork –

**creeeeekcreeeeekcreeeeek… **



Tancredi: Bonjour, mes cousins! Eet ees zat time of ze year a-gain, zat we mark ze liberation from ze tyrants!

Valentine: *startled yet again* Here now – how on earth did you obtain one of those antique and infernal devices?

Persephone: Unfortunately, Ms. Beamlette’s BF Carl shamelessly encouraged our French relation’s eccentricities by fabricating one, entirely unsolicited. A fair facsimile it is, too.



Tancredi: Eet ees ze du-tee of e-very true Freen-chman to mark ze quatorze de julliet – you do to know what zat means, do you not, ma cousin Anglais?



Valentine: Why yes, I most certainly do… it was the commencement of The Terror, following the fall of the Bastille prison. King Louis XVI and his queen lost their heads as a consequence, thanks to Monsieur Guillotin’s promotion of this monstrous device as a “humane” way to punish so-called “criminals” of the state –



Tancredi: *advancing* An’ why do you use zat phrase, “zo called” – zey were indeed criminel, o-pressing ze peoples, stealing ze bread from zere mouths!

Valentine: *shrinking* Not – not everyone they beheaded was such a thief. Many innocents – suffered the deserved punishment of a few –

Persephone: *low voice* You are not making any points here, dear cousin – do save your precious breath.



Tancredi: I shall to sing you a selection from the great chanson of the cause, that eet may stir your blood, an’ breeng you to raison -- Allons enfants de la patrie / Le jour de gloir est arrive.♫ / ♪Contre nous, de la tyrannie, / L’étandard sanglant est levé, / Entendez-vous, dans la compagnes. / Mugir ces farouches soldats / Ils viennent jusque dans nos bras / Egorger vos fils, / vos compagnes… ♫

Persephone: Ah, the franc has been deposited in the jukebox – we may be in for the duration.

Valentine: Dear God, you’re right – it’s only the first verse!



Tancredi: Now, ees zat not a chanson of chansons? Do you not under-stand bet-ter ze glorious cause of Freen-ch freedom?

Valentine: *shuddering* Oh yes… my ears feel ever so much freer now –

Persephone: We did get off easy this time, what with only one verse having been sung – in a manner of speaking.



Buddha Girl: Eh, Frenchy, we been lookin’ all over for dis ting!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, all over de house.

Zephyrus: It has been a merry romp, indeed, looking here and there!

Tragic Plum: Oooh, look – ANOTHER tall one… ooooh!

Tancredi: Ah, lee-tle Spar-row soeurs – you know eet ees zat time of ze year –



Buddha Girl: Yeh, it WATTERMELON season – an’ we need dis ting to cut de melon! Does de best job, quick’n’easy.

Angry Sparrow: Melon don’ know wat hit it.

Tragic Plum: But WE know… oooooh



Tancredi: Be ma guest, lee-tle Soeurs. Like ze revolution, eet ees all about ma-keeng life bet-ter, weez ze labor-sa-veeng de-vices!

Buddha Girl: Eh, tanks, Frenchy! If you want, we cut any melons you want, too. Okay, sisters, let’s get dis ting fired up.

Angry Sparrow: I got de rope for de blade.

Zephyrus: I shall bring the basket around –

Tragic Plum: And I shall say good-bye to this watermelon… though we knew him such a short time… ooooh



Tancredi: **humming Marseillaise loudly and off-key**

Valentine: Persephone, tell me – is this an unusual, or a typical day in this household   ?

Persephone: To quote an old Vaudevillian – and I think this sums it up nicely, given it comes out of this new country we find ourselves in – “You ain’t seen nothin’, yet.”



Valentine may well opt to draw the covers over his head after this.


This started as a “pretty doll” post, but then it took on its own little life –


I think my new girl from ShellyL is influencing me…



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