I al-most forgot to remind ev-ery-one zat eet ees BASTILLE DAY!

Posted July 14, 2007 by Tancredi




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I ‘ope zat you an’ your lo-ved ones are ‘aving a won-der-ful holi-day, an’ –



Tancredi: Please to remember zat guillotines are ver-ee useful aussi for to cut zose water-melons!

Buddha Girl: Yeh, it don’ know what hit it!

Angry Sparrow: Clean t’roo.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, one moment it was whole, then -- **juicy cutting sound** …oooooh



Buddha Girl: Yeh, if you got one ‘a dese beauties just lyinaroun’ get it out now. See what you been missin’!

Angry Sparrow: It take up lot ‘a space, do’.

Tragic Plum: And I didn’t used to feel sorry for watermelons… oooooh



Slice it or dice it!


July 14 is more than a French holiday – it’s the anniversary of Kaida and Kenzo’s meeting, which Kaida noted, and Kenzo replied to…


Hey Kaida, so it’s been a YEAR?



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