Hey Kaida, so it’s been a YEAR?

Posted July 14, 2007 by Kenzo




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I remember that I thought it was pretty clever of you to go about your search for “Mr. Wonderful” in a professional way.



What an idiot your old boyfriend was, just leaving you like that. But –



I’m glad he did, because then I got to meet you. So even a jerk can do a favor, whether he meant to or not.



Yeah… I should write him a thank-you note… for giving me a chance at the best and most interesting year of my life so far.



And I think we can make this an even better year coming up, don’t you?

 Starting with Austin



Where I’ll get to see my rootin’, tootin’ cowgirl again! Don’t forget your boots and hat – and your smile.


Happy anniversary to my Kaida, from

Your Kenzo





Kenzo’s older brother Yoshi came to stay most unexpectedly, and with no real answers for his appearance…


Brotherly Love…



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