Brotherly Love...

Posted July 24, 2007




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Kenzo: Who – Yoshi? What the hell –

Yoshi: Hey, Kenzo. I – I needed somewhere to crash, and your guardian let me in.

Kenzo: Huh – looks like you’ve crashed already. I’m surprised Ms. Beamlette let you in.

Yoshi: Maybe she took pity on me.



Kenzo: Okay… what’s the story behind that, anyway?

Yoshi: Ah – it’s a long one, not exactly bedtime material. I’m tired, let me tell you tomorrow.

Kenzo: I’m a big boy – I’d like to hear it NOW.

Yoshi: I hear a tone there. Lay off for tonight, little brother –



Kenzo: You show up out of the blue, after dark, with a face like that – I think I’m entitled to know NOW. Last I heard from you, everything was fine. Why do I get the feeling that was B.S.?

Yoshi: Don’t lecture me. I don’t want, don’t need it right now. Just rest. I’ll sleep on the floor if I have to.

Kenzo: *sigh* You can have the bed tonight – but first you tell me what’s going on. Then I’ll let you sleep.



Yoshi: How about I just crash now.

Kenzo: Nope. You owe for the bed. Talk.

Yoshi: You don’t want me to have to hit you, do you?

Kenzo: Try me.



Yoshi: *groan* Oh, all right… I’m too tired to get in a knock-down drag-out with you –

Kenzo: Looks like you were in a good one already. Now what gives?

Yoshi: A little trouble… well, hell… a lot of trouble, then.

Kenzo: No kidding. At school?



Yoshi: School?... No… actually, I haven’t been to classes for a whole semester now *wry grin*.

Kenzo: You – you haven’t? You never said anything, nor mom and dad – do they know?

Yoshi: Ahhh… no.



Kenzo: So – you dropped out? And what for, oh genius brother? Mom and dad are going to be pissed if and when they hear that from their pride and joy.

Yoshi: Yeah… they will, won’t they?

Kenzo: No shit, Sherlock. There’s one conversation I’d want to be invisible for.

Yoshi: Me too…



Kenzo: What kind of lame answer is that? You know and I know they expect you to be a doctor. You did all the right things, got the grades, got into school – now you just walk away?

Yoshi: I… got tired… of doing what I was supposed  to do.

Kenzo: Got TIRED? Sheesh, it gets lamer and lamer.

Yoshi: You wouldn’t understand. You got to do what you wanted to – play the violin. No monumental expectations.



Kenzo: And YOU don’t understand – if you don’t finish school and become the great doctor, then they’ll be expecting ME to fill that slot!

Yoshi: Well, aren’t you the one. It’s all about you now.

Kenzo: You’re one to talk – you NEVER think about anyone else. Mom and dad made sure you would be the best, the shining star, and now you’ve gone and thrown it all away, without even ONCE thinking about how that affects everyone else!



Yoshi: I’m tired… I don’t want to listen to any more of your lecture. Good night, little brother.







 While Kenzo inquires about one wound, another is soon inflicted by


Stupid Cupid



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