Stupid Cupid...

Posted July 24, 2007




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Ulf: We goin HUNTIN’ today! **makes arrow swooshing sound**

Maeby: Oh-oh – I’m gonna tell Fen’urch what you doin’!

Ulf: **still making arrow swooshing sounds**



Kenzo: Well, time for your debut.

Yoshi: *sigh* Yeah, I guess I can’t put it off…

Kenzo: First sensible thing you’ve said since you got here.

Yoshi: Don’t start –

Kenzo: All right, I’ll let up on you for now. Just to keep the peace, in front of the others.

Yoshi: First sensible thing you’ve said, too *smirk*

Kenzo: **glares**



Kenzo: Hey, Oona, recognize this mug?

Oona: Oh my, it’sYoshi! Ms. Beamlette said she had a surprise that I might find very interesting. But – your face – what happened? Are you all right?

Yoshi: Hey, Oona – it’s been a while, since you had pigtails *wink* And this – oh, I had a little accident, it’s nothing.

Oona: Well, you’re the doctor-to-be, so guess you should know. It mostly looks bad, then.

**Kenzo glares again at Yoshi**



Paladin: Hey, who’s the new guy, Oona?

Oona: Oh, this is my cousin YoshiKenzo’s brother. Yoshi, this is my boyfriend Paladin, and that’s Fenchurch, her cousin Winslow, and Chance. Ms. Beamlette won’t turn anyone away, as we well know! *laughs*

Fenchurch: Yes – her motto is, “The more, the merrier”!

Winslow: Sometimes we aren’t so merry – sometimes we’re kinda scary.

Chance: if you mean Fabien

Paladin: Let’s not go there –

Yoshi: Not if I scare her first! *grin*

Kenzo: *low voice* More like blood on the water…



Oona: We do joke a lot about how, um, full  it is around here. But I prefer to think we’re a happy kind of family, overall.

Winslow: But overall wearing is NOT compulsory here! *snerk*

Fenchurch: Ignore Win – he has a terrible  sense of humor! *giggle*

Yoshi: No worse than mine – eh, Kenzo?

Kenzo: Pffffffft! You have NONE!

Yoshi: And YOU never had any!

Oona: And as you can see, they’re typical brothers. Yoshi will fit in nicely here. *smile*



Maeby: **tugging Chance’s pantleg** Bro’ver, Ulf doinsump’in he shouldn’t –

Chance: Now, Maeby, you aren’t being a tattletale, are you?

Fenchurch: I’d better go check – he’s been pretty quiet for him – that’s not a good sign! **exits**



Oona: As you can see, we’ve got all ages here. Ms. Beamlette likes to keep siblings together as much as possible –

Paladin: *low voice* It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

Kenzo: *low voice* Ain’t that the truth…



Fenchurch: **from other room** Ulf – watch what you’re doing with – OW!

Maeby: Oh-oh – I t’ink he did a BAD!

**everyone runs out to see**



Chance: Ulf, Ulf, what did we tell you about playing with those?

Oona: Oh goodness! How bad is it?

Yoshi: Let me look at it –



Ulf: I didn’ mean to shoot Fen’urch – I DIDN’! *sob*



 Some wounds are patched up while others go untreated in


First Aid



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