First Aid...

Posted July 26, 2007




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Later in the day:

Oona: Well, Yoshi, you showed up just in time for this little emergency!

Winslow: Yeah, you sure were a help to get Fen to the Quick Care.

Fenchurch: Yes – thank you, Yoshi. Bet you didn’t expect to fall in with the troupe this fast!

Yoshi: Hey, that’s what I do – or will, when I’m done with school.

Kenzo: **grumble**



Oona: What did you say, Kenzo?

Kenzo: Nothing – nothing at all



David: Nothing like getting in a little practice before the practice!

Natsumi: I should’ve been here too, then, Fenchurch – but it looks like you had the help you needed. I’m glad it wasn’t too serious; it should be fine when it heals.

Fenchurch: Yes – Ulf doesn’t have the best aim yet – thankfully!



Chance: I shouldn’t have doubted Maeby. Ulf does need watching continually.

Maeby: Uh-HUH!

Aaron: I’LL keep an eye on Ulf from now on, too, fer sure, Fen! He won’t do that again.



Ulf: *sniffling* I didn’ mean to hurt Fen’urch… I WEALLY didn’! *sob*



Fenchurch: Awww, sweetheart – I know you didn’t. I’ll be okay. I just want you to be more careful in future when you play with your bow and arrows. No more in the house, and ASK before you play with them outside, so someone can be with you. You still have a lot to learn about how to use them. *kiss*

Ulf: *sniiiif*



Oona: Oh Fenchurch, you’re so good and patient with him!

Paladin: Way better than I’d be.

David: Yes… Fen has a soft spot for naughty little boys, don’t you? *chuckle*

Natsumi: I suspect she had a lot of early training! *smile*

Winslow: Yeah – in the old days she walloped first, and asked questions later – I know!

David: Nothing you didn’t deserve. Made you who you are today *laugh*.



Yoshi: Yes, little brothers need to be kept in line – don’t they, Kenzo?

Kenzo: Up to a point.

Yoshi: Oh, I don’t know – I think it never really ends…

Kenzo: We’ll see.



Fenchurch: C’mon, Ulf – time for you to have a nap. Chance, come on – I bet Maeby could use one as well.

Chance: You’re right -- she sure could.

** they exit **



**murmur of voices**





Kenzo: **to self** Oh sh*t…



 What or who is Yoshi looking at… and why is Kenzo annoyed?


Galatia9’s Etienne Gavreau posted a message to Shulamith, in a way trying to make up for his disrespect of late, so of course Shulamith gave him something to think about –


I see you’ve put on your “Come Hither” look, Gav



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