I see you’ve put on your “Come Hither” look, Gav...

Posted July 28, 2007 by Shulamith




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…as if it wasn’t hard enough for me to keep cool in this Godforsaken place…



I also see you delivered this message in the wee hours of the night… the time when things seem their most dismal, and the mind reflects on losses and disappointments.



It’d be flattering to think you miss me. We did have a few laughs, didn’t we?



There’s no one else like you, that’s for sure… and I can’t get you out of my mind… not that I don’t try… but it doesn’t seem to work.



So, hon, you know where I am, too… surprise me sometime.


Your best opportunity,




 Gav sneered at what he thought was her philosophizing, something he regarded as a waste of time, but still… he acknowledged that she was one fine distraction…


Once again Waramon is flirting with Tadashi, after seeing him as the banner boy on Realm of Resin, displaying his sense of fashion…


I do SO adore the new banner boy



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