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Posted July 28, 2007 by Waramon




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And congratulations, Tadashi dear, on a most-deserved acknowledgment of your beauty and style. I love that the world may get to know what I already  knew. *smile*



When you spoke of what you would wear to attract someone’s attention -- hearing you describe that it might be a classic suit with a, “progressive edge  to it,” and that a necktie worn in a casual manner would be SO sexy, it gave me the shivers!



You must  come advise me on how to dress, dear sweet Tadashi – next to you, I am the style dunce, I swear… ‘tis only luck I manage to throw myself together some days… Yes… you must



Black Violet: Now, now, my big boy, don’t get distracted – you still have work  to do!

Waramon: Why yes, my dusky blossom – I certainly have not forgotten. Do let me finish speaking to that lovely lad Tadashi –



Black Violet: NOW, tall pale and handsome – not nice to keep a lady – or ME – waiting.

Waramon: Oh yes, where  are my manners – tsk, tsk! Do pardon me, Tadashi sweet. We shall pick up this conversation later – I promise! *wink*



 While Tadashi was flattered, he also seemed to feel that what each of them wanted was at odds… and, Waramon is rather preoccupied…


We got a sneak peek of Ange’s wood nymph, Black Violet, in the previous story, but here’s the full story and then some –


Surprise, surprise, Waramon!



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