Surprise, surprise, Waramon!

Posted July 30, 2007




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Waramon: Dear me, but it is hot  today… will I ever cool down… **fans self**



Black Violet: Be prepared to STAY hot, my tall and naughty boy! I wouldn’t want you any other way *smirk*.

Waramon: Oh! Ms. Beamlette said she had a surprise for me – bless her! Though I do wish she had let me know, so I could freshen up for you --



Black Violet: Pffft – I don’t know how much fresher  you could get, you tall and cool drink of gin. It’s been a long trip in that cardboard box, and I need some exercise of a very specific kind.

Waramon: Certainly, my shaded posy – I am always ready and willing to oblige you –



Waramon: -- like this *smoooooooch*…

Black Violet: Mmmm, yes… it’s a start…






Black Violet: ****…

Waramon: You took the words right out of my mouth… mmmm!



Black Violet: I call that a proper welcome… now let’s go beyond the formalities, shall we?...

Waramon: Why yes, I’d say we’re nicely reacquainted – now we can truly be familiar…!



Gobnait: Not so fast, you wilty weed. Not while I’M around!

Waramon: Now, now, my pet – Black Violet is a guest -- and I am being a thoughtful host –

Black Violet: Yes – he’s being the host. Now how about you toddle off and come back IF and WHEN we call you for anything we might need –towels or whatnot.



Gobnait: Oh, I’ll towel you off, all right. Send you through the spin cycle, too.

Black Violet: I don’t think you have what it takes to wrassle with me. I suggest you quit while you’re ahead, and go tend to the dirty laundry –

Waramon: Now, sweet bud, I would not –



Gobnait: Well, YOU’RE a piece of dirty laundry all right! **grabs for neck**

Black Violet: And YOU’RE a marvel of bleaching – must take a lot to keep the gray away! **smacks face**

Waramon: Now, now, my lovelies, fisticuffs really aren’t necessary



Waramon: -- although it IS exciting –

Gobnait: *a little muffled* Get your grubby hands off my neck!

Black Violet: They’re grubby only because your neck IS!!!



Black Violet: And since they’re already dirty, I might as well stick to the job!

Gobnait: *choke* yeah… like *gaaak* the way *ack* you stick to a *coff* CHAIR!

Waramon: Oooh, ladies, SO personal –



Black Violet: **huffing and puffing** I… I’m… pooped…

Gobnait: **also huffing and puffing** me… too…

Waramon: Yes… watching you two just did me in *chuckle*.



Black Violet: Huh – what WERE we fighting about, anyway? Though I gotta admit, it was a good workout of the other kind.

Gobnait: Who cares what it was about. Wanna go for a drink? I know where they keep the blender.

Black Violet: Sure – lead the way, Blondie. **they exit**

Waramon: Um, I – it’s lovely that you’ve reconciled, but – I’M still here…



Waramon: Maybe they’ll surprise  me… and bring me a drink, too… !



 Waramon always looks on the positive side, doesn’t he?


Black Violet and Gobnait still aren’t bosom buddies quite yet, though they do make a formidable team in:


A Tale of Two Trollops



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