Oh -- *Tadashi*! You give me the shivers!

Posted July 8, 2007 by Waramon




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… The way you are dressed! Words fail me to express just how… *divine*…



Not that I ever doubted your potential – no, not for one minute! Nor did I wish you to change… for you are the most splendid creature in all your naturalness. This is merely garnish on a most savory dish *smile*.



What I would not give to see your exquisite profile in person again… it was most naughty of you to tease me like that with that delectable photo…



Tadashi dear, you know where to find me, should you ever wish to accept my standing invitation –


Your most ardent admirer,




Tadashi shyly acknowledged Waramon’s comment, which led to this answer from Waramon:





Of course I would notice *YOU*

Posted by Waramon on July 8, 2007



Haha! But seriously… you do take my breath away. Which means, dear one, you must come to see me, so you can return what you have taken *wink*.


Do hurry – you would not want me to swoon from lack of oxygen, would you?


Teasingly (but really, seriously – for me!),




He never gives up, does he?

What would Bastille Day be without Tancredi?


I al-most forgot to remind ev-ery-one zat eet ees BASTILLE DAY!



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