To Imshai Khaldum – I am a student of archaeology, and would like to ask ...

Posted July 7, 2007 by Fenchurch




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you  questions about the history of ancient Egypt. Ms. Beamlette noticed your post the other day and showed it to me, which got me to thinking. You can read all you like in books about history, but to hear about it from someone who actually  lived it, well, that’s special.

Maeby:hoo you talkin’ to, Fen’urch? An’ can I come up wid’ you? I got som’pin’ to tell you.



Maeby: T’ank you… oooh, who is dat man?

Fenchurch: Shhh, sweetheart, I’m talking with him right now… anyway, if you don’t mind, I would like to hear about what period or periods of ancient Egypt you lived in, and how everyday people went about their lives… and how much they really believed in their gods…



Fenchurch: Did you live in the time of the Great Pyramid building? I’ve wondered about the commitment of the people to build it for their Pharaoh, and how that differed from the New Kingdom and Karnak.

Maeby: Fen’urch – I t’ink Ulf doinsump’in he shouldn’t…

Fenchurch: Yes, Maeby – I’ll be done talking in a moment…



Fenchurch: I’d really appreciate it if you would be willing to talk to me about this subject. I don’t mean to pry about your personal life, so you won’t have to say anything about it unless you want or need to. And there may be other people on the board who would also like to hear what you have to tell. Good stories are always welcome here, I think!

Maeby: Oooh, stories… I like stories.



Fenchurch: Thank you for listening to my request, and I wish you all the best –


Respectfully yours,

Fenchurch Amick



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Thank you for your perspective on Khufu, Mr. Khaldum

Posted by Fenchurch on July 10, 2007



I know in recent years it has been determined that the labor force was not slaves, but there is still debate as to the character of the Pharaoh himself. Guess you can’t always be “Mister Nice Guy” and get a project that size done! And as for Djedi, I suspect he failed with the goose too, didn’t he? And maybe made a mess of it as well.



Ulf: I make messes LOTS – but nobody made me disappear YET!
Maeby: *giggle* No, dey sure hab’n’t!
Fenchurch: Sorry, Mr. Khaldum – this is what happens when you have to babysit unexpectedly. I know you said you didn’t mind children, but Ulf here could change your mind some days!



Ulf: It i’n’t MY fault that Mister Tan don’ wook when my bwocks on th’ floor, an’ he BAREFOOT!
Fenchurch: Well, you do make a point – people should look where they walk. But YOU shouldn’t play blocks right in the middle of the pathway! If you played in a safer spot, we wouldn’t be having this little discussion.
Ulf: But I don’ wanna miss anythin’ – I can’t hear it if I not be out wif ev’ybody!
Fenchurch: You have ears like a bat, sweetie – you manage to hear curse words said a mile away!



Fenchurch: Bet you heard more than you’d bargained for, Mr. Khaldum! Sorry about that. I know I said I wouldn’t pry about your personal life, but when you mentioned your age at the time of the Great Pyramid’s construction, I became curious. Were you immortal then, or was that by a lunar calendar’s reckoning? Perhaps you may tell us next time?
Ulf: Yeah – I PWOMISE not to innerupt!
Fenchurch: *giggle* You heard it here, Mr. Khaldum! And thanks so much for talking to us.



Fenchurch Amick



Mr. Khaldum was very gracious, and enjoyed the antics of Ulf and Maeby; not having been able to have children himself, he looks on with indulgence and wistful longing…


A story of galatia9’s Tadashi preening before a mirror caught the attention of Waramon, and of course he had to comment:


Oh -- *Tadashi*! You give me the shivers!



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