The Surfer and the Sparrows...

Posted July 6, 2007 by PamSD




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*note* Navarre should be read like Keanu in Bill n Ted's Excellent Adv.

Navarre: Greetings Little Bird Princesses...I am Navarre of San Diego...Surfer and watcher of birds.
Buddha Girl: Eh, we hear 'bout you. You respeck short people!
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, respeck.
Tragic Plum: Ooooh... you are VERY kind... ooooh...


Tragic Plum: Oooh, you are so handsome I don't dare look *blush*... ooooh....


Buddha Girl: Where you get dis swell watch, Mister Navarre? Someone mus' like you lots.


Angry Sparrow: Dis a good view from top'a you head, too.


Tancredi: An' what am I to do weez zees tete -- I 'ave a per-fect-lee good one on ma shoulders.
Owen's Head: And I wouldn't WANT to be on your shoulders, either!


Navarre: Radical...they are just like I see them on the computer. You must like totally love living with them.
Tancredi: Eet ees oh-kay eef you don't mind ze chir-peeng noises at all ze heures.


Navarre: So, little Dudettes...I brought super sweet grindage for your enjoyment.
Buddha Girl: Eh, sisters, I tink dat mean FOOD!
Angry Sparrow: It look sweet.
Tragic Plum: Oooh, I do like some sweets... as long as it is not from that mean girl... oooh....


Angry Sparrow: Eh, Mister Navarre, I Sparrow but I got no wings.


Navarre: Fear not Fair Lady Sparrow... I will rescue you.

Angry Sparrow: Dat good. Don' wanna miss de food.


Buddha Girl: Okay, sisters, who want what?

Angry Sparrow: Don' matter, it all look good.

Tragic Plum: It's not floor cake, so it should be safe... ooooh...


Navarre: Dude...They are totally munchin' the grindage. SWEET! I knew food was the totally perfecto gift.
Tancredi: Oui -- for such lee-tle bir-dees zey eat more like ze vul-tures -- but not zo smel-lee.


Buddha Girl: MMMMM, dis good -- an' it giant ecomony size too!
Angry Sparrow: I get giant brain freeze.
Tragic Plum: I have the cake... it's very good cake, and safe too... ooooh...


Buddha Girl: Eh, an' TANK YOU, Ms. Pam, for bringin' Mister Navarre an' his presents -- dis SO nice!
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, you good.
Tragic Plum: Oooh, yes... this is quite the nicest thing anyone has done for us lately... really... oooh...


Buddha Girl: An'if you need anyting done, like givin' pesky peoples de business, we you girls!


Owen's Head: Y'know, even just heads get hungry too -- can I bum a little taste off you girls?
Buddha Girl: Eh, jus' a lick. You got no stummick.
Angry Sparrow: But you still get brain freeze.
Tragic Plum: Yes, your stomach is back home in a box... with the rest of you... ooooh...


Navarre: So... Dude...did you drive the 'vette? I saw you in one on line. Is it as rad as it looks?
Tancredi: Oui, eet ees a splen-deed voiture -- but I mees ma old Citroen back een France. Eet is zees "rad" you speak of -- eef you are re-ferreeng to ze radia-tor which fell out wheen I was on ze Auto-bahn once.
Navarre: Cool.


Owen's Head: Little girlies, can I have just ONE more taste of your treats -- pleeeeease?
Buddha Girl: Eh, you no wanna be a FAT head, do you?
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, den you jus' roll aroun'.
Tragic Plum: And then you might roll out in the street... which is dangerous... ooooh...


Navarre: Chill Little Princess Birds....I most assuredly think Owen means you not harm. If he gives you the Biz, I'll totally toast his noggin'....K?
Buddha Girl: He make LUMPY toast if you do.
Angry Sparrow: Jam won' stick.
Tragic Plum: Ooooh, Mister Navarre, I hope it won't come to that... he's not that bad, oooh...


Navarre: Aw...come here you Bodacious Avians....Yer like the most famous internet stars I've met...Izzy will be so jealous....You Rock.
Buddha Girl: Yeh, we rock -- we can t'row 'em pretty far, too!
Angry Sparrow: Dat nice nec'lace you gots.
Tragic Plum: Oh, you say such nice things about us... Miss Izzy is VERY lucky to have you... May we get down now?... oooooh...


Navarre: Thanks again Dude for bringin' em to meet me. Nice to meet you, too.
Tancredi: A plaisir, m'sieur, to meet a fellow lo-ver of ze soleil. An' ze lee-tle bir-dees zey like an airing.
Navarre: *whispers* an' dude...thanks for rollin' your own smokes...the filters will kill the planet.
Tancredi: Merci -- filters, bah! 'ow zey keel ze fla-vor, aussi.
Navarre: uh...Totally.


Many thanks to Pam for allowing me to use this joint collaboration on angrysparrow!


As we know, Fenchurch is studying to be an archaeologist, and she took this opportunity to learn more about ancient Egypt when she started a dialog with Jeanette in MAs Wu, Imshai Khaldum, an immortal being whose life started in Old Kingdom Egypt


To Imshai Khaldum I am a student of archaeology, and would like to ask



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