Yup, it’s BASTILLE DAY again!

Posted July 14, 2008




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Links to 2006 and 2007 Bastille Day commemorations:

Tancredi celebrates Bastille Day

I al-most forgot to remind ev-ery-one zat eet ees BASTILLE DAY!



Hippolyte: *sings to self* ♪Bon Anniversaire to moi, Bon Anniversaire to moi♫…



Tancredi: Ah, DO you know what day eet ees, mon frère?

Hipppolyte: Oh Tancredi – you remembered it is mon anniversaire -- join me in celebration!



Tancredi: No, no, see-lee garçon -- eet is BASTILLE DAY! Ze mosim-por-tant day to ee-ny true Freench-man – ze day we lee-berate ourselves from ze tyrants rois et l’aristocratie! N’est pas?

Hippolyte: Oh… oui... though I did not know I was in need of liberation… !



Tancredi:Ow could you for-get ze birthright of ALL Freench-mans, an’ ze day zat made eet possible! Een ze stirring words of ze Marseillaise:

Allons enfants de la patrie / Le jour de gloir est arrive.♫ --



Tancredi: Contre nous, de la tyrannie, / L’étandard sanglant est levé, / Entendez-vous, dans la compagnes. / Mugir ces farouches soldats / Ils viennent jusque dans nos bras / Egorger vos fils, / vos compagnes… ♫

Hippolyte: **clapping** Splendid! I do feel stirred by your words –



Hippolyte: We may celebrate TWO holidays with this lovely cake, then –

Tancredi: Mon Dieu! “CAKE”? Deed you say, “CAKE”?



Tancredi: I see I mus’ to teach you ze true meaning of ze serious-ness of zees so-lemn jour! Come – I shall show you! **grasps his shoulder**

Hippolyte: Oh-oh – it is childhood all over again – I am in for a beating – or worse! I fear –



**measured drum beat**



Tancredi: Please to make ze ac-quain-tance of Madame Guillotine -- she taught ma-ny an e-nemy of France an ‘ard les-son, an’ not un-dee-served!

Hippolyte: Surely not all deserved such a harsh sentence – not unlike moi…!



Tancredi: Eet was simple, mais efficace -- place zeead een ze ‘ole, an’ WHOOSH – ze blade eet strike a clean cut. **makes gesture to throat**

Hippolyte: I know my head it is not so full of profound thoughts, but I would to miss it if it were gone… *gulp*



Tancredi:umbled at last, zeeads ze fall een-to a common basket, af-ter all zose years of slee-peeng on ze fine lee-nen sheets ze oppressed zey laun-dered for zem! ♪Aux armes citoyens! / Formez vos bataillons – ♫

Hippolyte: I shall to pray for those whose heads filled the baskets – and for my ears, that they do not bleed from your singing –



Hippolyte: Regardez, mon frère -- there is something already in the basket!

Tancredi: *oblivious* Marchons, marchons! / Qu’un sang impur / Abreuve nos sillons – ♫



Buddha Girl: Eh, you bet dere is! We use dis big cutter for our WATERMELONS when it summer!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, it cut good.

Hippolyte: I am certain it does, my little jeunes filles sauvages -- do be careful there, Madamoiselle Buddha!

Tragic Plum: I’m always reminding Sister of that, ooooh… but the clean cut is SO worth the risk… ooooh

Tancredi: *continuing* ♪Amour sacré de la Patrie, / Conduis, soutiens nos bras vengeurs, / Liberté, liberté cherie, /  Combats avec tes défenseurs; / Combats avec tes défenseurs. -- ♫



Buddha Girl: Well, it nice talkin’ to you – but we wanna go now, eat watermelon while it still fresh –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, b’fore de flies stick to it –

Hippolyte: Yes, do enjoy it, my jeunes filles. But I see that Madamoiselles Buddha and Sparrow each have a piece – where is yours, Madamoiselle Plum?

Tragic Plum: Oh – don’t worry about me – after it’s cut, it makes me queasy, so I never eat it, anyway… ooooh

Tancredi: Sous drapeaux, que la victoire / Acoure à tes males accents; / Que tes ennemis expirants / Voient ton triomphe et notre gloire! – ♫



Buddha Girl: By de way, could you ask you brudder to stop makindat racket dere? It gonna int’fer wit our digestion!

Angry Sparrow: It sure kill de taste buds.

Tancredi: *second chorus* ♪Aux armes citoyens! / Formez vos bataillons, -- ♫

Hippolyte: Oui -- I know I am not so eager for my cake now –

Tancredi: Marchons, marchons! / Qu’un sang impur / Abreuve nos sillons… ♫

Tragic Plum: I think he could CURDLE even WATERMELON! Oooooh

**Sparrows exit**



Tancredi: NO one can e-ver to doubt zat I am a patriote -- a true son of France!

Hippolyte: Oui, half-Anglais bastards though we are! *chuckle*



Maybe Tancredi’s hat was on too tight?


Meantime, we introduce a new Young here, and tie it in with the Bastille Day story, just because –


Introducing YOUNG OONA (Elfdoll Dami), in her 4UByLou outfit



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