Introducing YOUNG OONA (Elfdoll Dami),

In her 4UByLou outfit…

Posted July 14, 2008




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This is Mary Lou’s red “Dark Ballerina” outfit. My MSD girls insisted I bid to win. And because Young Oona is such a sweetie, she got to have the first wearing of it.



Mary Lou includes such cute accessories – like the hat J



And then there’s Young Oona herself – I’m a sucker for those BIG eyes!

Young Oona: Thank you for the compliments, Ms. Beamlette – but I’ve gotta get going; I’m gonna be late for a party –



Hippolyte: Ah, Madamoiselle Oona, thank you for coming to my anniversaire celebration. I hope you like the tea?

Young Oona: Oh yes, it’s nice tea, and in VERY pretty cups. But why isn’t your big brother here, too?

Hippolyte: He had, shall we say, another commitment. *chuckle*

Young Oona: Yeah… I’d say he NEEDS committing, fer sure! *chuckle*



At least Hippolyte got to keep his head!


A mystery unfolds with this story –


We find her at home, hastily packing a suitcase…



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