We find her at home, hastily packing a suitcase…

Posted July 14, 2008




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Humming to herself all the while…



**ring-ring – ring-ring – ring-ring**



“Hi – yes, I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry – I’m leaving town today, as soon as I finish throwing some things in a bag here.”



“I know; it’s sudden. I’ve been expecting it, though; I didn’t know just when – well, that’s why I never really said anything about it.”



**tucks hair behind ear**

“Uh-huh, sure – I’ll let you know when I know more – I don’t know; it may be a while; it depends. Oh, thanks – you, too – you take care – uh-huh – ‘bye.”



**looks again at saved text message** “Come at once to Vegas. She is found. J”






*to self* “Am I ready?...



“Ready as I’ll ever be.” **exits**



It’s so mysterious, we don’t even learn her name. But all will eventually be revealed…


Siblings Isambard and Boudicca went to Dollectable, where Boudicca had this encounter with Jill in WV’s ladykiller Gideon Bennett –


Dollectable Barflies *hic*



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