Dollectable Barflies *hic*

Posted July 24, 2008 by beamlette and Jill in WV




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Boudicca: You look familiar – where might I have seen you before?

Gideon: Perhaps the stage, my good woman – the play’s the thing, you know. I might say the same for you. It appears we are both a little famous, or infamous, as the case may be.



Boudicca: Why yes, I am a much-vaunted Supermodel, with all the dubious accoutrements of the lifestyle. Do refresh my memory of the plays you have performed – I have vague memories of visiting a theatre, and flashes of your fine visage, but the subject matter eludes me entirely –

Gideon: It’s possible you’ve seen my latest, Man of the Cloth, for which I have been also awarded the starring role in its cinematic successor.



Boudicca: No, I am certain that is not it. For some reason I keep picturing you in a sweat-stained, vested undergarment bellowing “Stella!!!! Steeeelllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!”

Gideon: I’m sorry; I have never performed in “Streetcar.” Much to my regret, I must say; you would make an eminently believable Blanche DuBois. Perhaps you are recalling someone I merely look like.



Boudicca: *siiiigh* There is something else familiar about you… your resemblance to my paramour, who was obliged to decamp hastily following this festivity. We hardly had time to ourselves… you are like his ghost… as he is as dark as you are fair… maybe you ARE a ghost… my head has become filled with a fog of alcohol…

Gideon: *thinks to himself*  Damn, it better be the alcohol. That’s all I need: another brother! Still, alcohol does have its uses….




Boudicca: Oh! Between the liquor and your dazzling proximity, it seems I have lost my equilibrium -- !

Gideon: Just don’t lose your lunch, Sweetheart. I find that to be a bit of a turnoff, as you might imagine.



Boudicca: I believe I need to lie here for a little while, until the world rights itself –

Gideon: I’d offer to keep you company, but I’d hate myself in the morning.



Gideon: *thinking* Are you going to stay down there ALL night? *aloud* My dear, it grows late; time for me to leave, not unlike your absent lover – may I assume you will be all right, since I am sure this has happened before to you?

Boudicca: Yes, on both counts – I am a veteran of many intoxicated escapades; not to worry –



Boudicca: This is as comfortable as any bed… I shall compose myself thusly…



Gideon: And I will go find someone a little less horizontal to haunt.



Boudicca: Ah – some gin and tonic! I shall be right as rain soon… zzzzzzzzzz



Boudicca knows the drill J


The mysterious woman reaches her destination; what sort of reception greets her?


She stands at the door, waiting for an answer…



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