She stands at the door, waiting for an answer…

Posted July 28, 2008




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Elfride: *to self* This is the place… it looks nice enough, and very ordinary – **knocks**



Tabitha: Okay – whaddya want?

Elfride: Oh – hello – I’m here to see –



Tabitha: Aw, #@$%, ANOTHER elf!

Elfride: Well, yes, I am, but –

Tabitha: We’ve got TOO MANY #@$% pointy-ear freaks here already – GO AWAY!




Elfride: *raises eyebrow* I suppose you could say I’ve found the right place, if as she said, there’s elves here – but too many -- ?   **knocks again**



Tabitha: #@$%, YOU again! What part of “Go AWAY” don’t you understand?

Elfride: I am here to SEE some of those “pointy-ear freaks”, as you so charmingly put it! And they are waiting to see ME –

Tabitha: Nuh-UH! You’ll just wind up STAYIN’, like they all have!



Oona: Goodness, what is all this racket about, Tabitha? Oh, are you Elfride? I know you’ve been expected – please, come in –

Elfride: Thank you – you must be Oona

Tabitha: WHAT! F’cryin’ out loud, Oona, DON’T let another one in!



Oona: Don’t be silly, Tabby; she’s an invited guest. Ms. Beamlette approved. I suggest you take it up with her, not Elfride. Please, do come on in –

Tabitha: NO! Someone’s gotta draw a line here! Just because Ms. Beamlette SAID it was OK, doesn’t mean it IS. Go away, Frito, or whatever your name is!

Oona: It looks as if I need some help here -- *calling* PALADIN! MALFOY!



Paladin: Okay, Tabitha – come along quietly, and no one’ll get hurt –

Tabitha: HURT? You ain’t seen hurt yet – getcher mitts offa me! Malfoy, how come YOU’RE in on this?

Malfoy: ‘Cause… I don’t want you hurt … or anyone else…

Tabitha: If you aren’t WITH me, you’re AGAINST me! Stoppit, #@$%!



Malfoy: Shhhhhhhh, Tabby… calm down… please…

Tabitha: **thrashing**Noooooooo – you got it all WRONG – you should be stoppin’ that pointy-eared freakette from comin’ in – let me GO! #@$%!!!!!

Paladin: Whew -- you kiss your little sister with that mouth?






Tabitha: Hey, what the #@$%!!! **holds out hand** …Oh cr*p, is that rain, or bird sh*t?



Will we ever understand Tabitha’s grudge against Elves? Maybe...


At any rate, Tabitha takes to task Ms. Beamlette, with interesting results –


No mistaking, I hear Tabitha on the warpath



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