No mistaking, I hear Tabitha on the warpath

Posted August 13, 2008




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Tabitha: *grumblegrumblegrumble* #@$%!

Moth: EEP!



Tabitha: I have a BONE to pick with you, Ms. Beamlette!

Me: Is that so… which bone is it this time, sweetie?



Tabitha: As if you didn’t know! ANOTHER #@$% Elf got into this house – and they NEVER leave!

Me: Uh-huh… you’ve been working that bone over for quite a while now…

Tabitha: If you’d STOP letting ‘em in, I wouldn’t have to bug you about it!

Me: Hop up on the desk, then, and we’ll have a little chat about it, OK?



Me: Statistically speaking, you know, the Elves only make up about 8.7% of the population around here – that’s not very much, really.

Tabitha: Hmph! As far as I’m concerned, that’s STILL 8.7% too MANY here!

Me: And what do you propose I do with the Elves, then?

Tabitha: SELL their #@$%! There’s always a market for them on those boards you look at all the time.



Me: Watch that mouth, Tabby. I let you get away with a lot around here, and I don’t back up Chance as often as I should –

Tabitha: Yeah, but WHO won us that award at the LA Dolpa last fall, huh? ME!

Me: *laughing* Yes, that was nice. I enjoy winning as much as the next person – and who knew that Mr. Enku liked Bluegrass music –

Tabitha: I did – why else would I have gone along with the gag, if I didn’t have the inside track?



Me: Tabby, we digress – let’s get back to why you’re here. You have this thing about Elves. Can you tell me anything about how this got started?

Tabitha: **looks away** D’rather not say

Me: I see I hit a nerve there – sorry, hon. It’s just that the Elves are not going away anytime soon, so you need to reconcile yourself to it somehow. You’re a smart girl, you can work it out.

Tabitha: *sniff* Hmph.



Tabitha: Hmmmm



Tabitha: Well, okay then – thanks for the little talk, Ms. Beamlette. I gotta go now, got something to do – some homework. Yeah, some homework -- so long! **exits**

Me: That’s my girl. Focus on what you need to do, instead. And I’m glad we had this little talk, too *smile*.



Tiddlywink: She STILL can’t see me and Breezy – which is just as well, eh, Ms. Beamlette?

Me: M-hm… yes, it is. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had as rational a conversation as we just did.

Breezy: Even so – I think she’s up to something. She wouldn’t let it go that easily, if she didn’t have some little plot starting up in her head.

Me: I didn’t know you were so cynical, Breezy.



Breezy: I prefer not to think of it as “cynical”; just “realistic”, is all.

Me: I see; promise me you two will leave her alone, please. But then, you two are very wise for your size *chuckle*.

Tiddlywink: Of course -- I think she can hoist her own petard very well *snerk*!

Me: Too true, too true – **thinks of “Floor Cake”**

Breezy: And we can always use the entertainment *snerk*!


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She wouldn’t be Tabitha if she wasn’t plotting something!


Of course it’s hot; it’s SUMMERTIME, and the Sparrows have something to say about that –


Dis been one BORING summer so far…”



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