“…Wish him well.”

Posted June 21, 2008




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Zephyrus: The breeze feels good this evening, Mistress Junco --

Junco: Yes… it does, after the day’s heat. It makes living here not intolerable – pleasant, really.



Inigo: Well… Glorfindel has departed.

Junco: Understandable – there was nothing more for him here at this time.



Inigo: I knew there was little I could do to help, from the start – yet, why do I feel that I should have done more?

Junco: You are sensitive and thoughtful, Inigo; you could not feel otherwise.



Zephyrus: Here is refreshment for you both – the air is dry and you are bound to be parched.

Junco: How kind of you, Zephyrus; it is just what is needed.

Inigo: Yes, many thanks, little friend!



Inigo: From the moment Glorfindel crossed the threshold, I realized that something was amiss, yet I did not want to think it was so. As I looked at the maps and manuscripts of his father’s that he had brought, I knew they were not authentic, but of course I could not bring myself to say this aloud – what good would that have done?

Junco: None, indeed -- it would only make him the more defensive.



Inigo: But WHY? Why does he believe himself to be an Elf? What in his life made him choose to be that?



Junco: It is his refuge, I believe – though I can only guess as to the reason.



Inigo: Ironic then, is it not, that he seeks aid and comfort from an Elf who wishes to be otherwise? The Fates play their jokes with all and sundry, and it is an effort to laugh right now at this one!

Junco: Time will tell, Inigo. The Fates’ sense of humor often leaves something to be desired in the early stages –



Inigo: Glorfindel so firmly resisted any suggestion that you might help him… your relationship with Sanar is his sticking point, even though I am his brother.

Junco: Somehow Sanar has provoked him – though as we know, Sanar never was one for ingratiating himself if he saw no reason for it – and usually did not!

Inigo: The line would be long if those who had experienced it were asked to stand so. *chuckle*



Zephyrus: Mistress Junco, considering that poor mortal’s situation, would it not be a great kindness if you were to investigate, on your own initiative? Does he not deserve to have his questions answered – or that of anyone who cares about him?

Junco: Hmmmm

Inigo: I wonder this, too –



Junco: I feel keenly for him, Master Zephyrus, and would not hesitate to extend my help if he asked – IF he asked…



Zephyrus: Sometimes words are not the only way one asks…



Inigo: No, Zephyrus, they are not. However, for now I think all we can do is to wish him well, and wait at the ready for an appeal…



… Meanwhile, it is a fine evening for a journey – may the stars shine all the more brightly for you, my friend Glorfindel.



For the third year in a row, Tancredi marks his favorite holiday –


Yup, it's BASTILLE DAY again!



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