Night falls – and Varius roams...

Part 1

Posted June 19, 2008




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In the still of dusk…



His senses sharpen…



He encounters Fenchurch – who says, “I cannot sleep…”



Varius: My child – does something trouble you? I would be a willing ear for you, if you wish.



Fenchurch: I – I’m not sure. It’s a restlessness… and – I can’t stop thinking about – about –



Varius: Yes -- ?

Fenchurch: About -- you!

Varius: Me? Dear girl -- how you flatter my old soul… I think of you, as well… and often…

Fenchurch: Do you? Oh… **shivers**



Varius: You’ll catch your death out here, dressed like that. Let me put my cloak around you –

Fenchurch: That’s nice – mmm, so soft and rich… thank you.



Varius: **draws her closer** I can offer you something greater – the gift of immortality, that your beauty and charm never wither and perish. That you would have all the time in the world, to experience whatever your heart desires, and more…

Fenchurch: Time… one never has enough… there’s SO much I want – to see, to do, to read –



Fenchurch: Yes – yes, Varius, I – I want this gift, more than anything I’ve ever wanted. How – what  must I do to obtain it?

Varius: Do not worry, my dear – it is not difficult. Place yourself in my hands, and you have only to follow my prompts. Above all, do not give in to unconsciousness; that is crucial.

Fenchurch: I – I can do that – I will do that!

Varius: I would not believe otherwise of you, my bright and beautiful girl. *smile*



Varius: Surrender… yes, that’s it… mmmmmmm

Fenchurch: Varius… *siiiiiigh*



Varius: And now, my dear, it is your turn at the font – yes, good – good…

Fenchurch: Mmmm… more… more… mmmmmm



Varius: There! It is done, my dear Fenchurch – what do you think?

Fenchurch: **straightens** I can see – and feel – MORE than I ever have! My world is become -- boundless!


End of Part One… Tomorrow, Part Two.





Night falls -- and VARIUS roams…

 Part 2

Posted June 20, 2008



Varius: **typing** “Thus transformed, Varius gently guides his new fledgling through the first night of her new life – and beyond.”



…**sits quietly, thinking**



Ah, fiction! A harmless pastime, and vehicle to vicariously enjoy what we cannot always have…



**alert** She approaches -- !



Persephone: *grumble* Yet another fine  imbroglio has Waramon gotten into. Not that I can extricate him – or will. Pity the poor dupe on the opposite end -- *grumblegrumble*



… Now where did I leave off? Yes… m-hm



*hmph* Upon my word --!



**peer** … no… this spectacle has NOTHING to do with MY spectacles…






So – I find that self-styled vampire  has chosen to use MY machine for his flights of imagination, rather than purchase his own passage. I’m sure he thinks it the perfect joke to play on me –



Persesphone: -- all the while not cognizant the TRUE joke here is his stunning DEARTH of talent! I daresay even Waramon  could toss out such tripe with his one pinky to the keyboard –

Varius: *softly* Ouch!



Varius: You are my sharpest  critic – in more ways than one, Miss Sinclair. *chuckle*



Persephone: Huh – now what could have produced that breeze? Laced with a whiff of eau de cologne  and the catacombs, no less –



Well, well – let us forward along his anecdote to dear Martha Jean, shall we? I am not so without charity as to deprive his fan club of one of the pleasure of this squib. **send**





Meanwhile, Inigo and Junco ponder the enigmatic Glorfindel.


“…Wish him well.”



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