A Restringing Tutorial

Posted June 17, 2008




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Buddha Girl: Hey dere! Ms. galatia9 was visitin’, an’ we watch wat she doin’ an’ learned all ‘bout it – so we gots advice for how you restring dese big galoots, make ‘em STAN’, instead a’ fallin’ over. We demonstrate wit’ dis scary-lookin’ guy –

Big Head: Hey! I’ve got a NAME – it’s Marbaden!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, wat’evr. Shut up an’ we fix you up.

Tragic Plum: We’ve got to go in and find out what he’s like… we always get the ICKY jobs… oooh



Buddha Girl: Hey, Sister, wat you doin’ – is you STUCK in dere?

Angry Sparrow: Naw, she jus’ shy.

Marbaden: For a shy person, she’s getting pretty personal, if you ask me.

Tragic Plum: *muffled* It’s not like we’d live in here, or anything…ooooh



Buddha Girl: An’ when we take break, dis de snack galatia9 like! How ‘bout you odder ‘stringers, wat you recommen’?

Marbaden: It sounds delicious -- if you please, may I have some?

Angry Sparrow: Eh, pa’tents don’ gets to eat while procedurgoin’ on.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, it’ll just fall out on the floor – and get stepped on… oooooh



Buddha Girl: Eh, you big DUMBASS, we tired a’ you not c’operatin’! We kick you good! *boot-boot-boot*

Marbaden: OW – cut that out, you little hoodlum! I wasn’t doing ANYTHING!

Angry Sparrow: Oh, you guilty a’sumpin’, we sure.

Tragic Plum: Yes… he’s got that look, hasn’t he?... oooh



Buddha Girl: *off* Hey, Sister, hurry up -- we needs you over here!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, jus’ a minute – I tied up –



Buddha Girl: Eh, look – we havin’ a FOOT race!

Angry Sparrow: T’ink I winnin’ – giddyap.

Marbaden: As if I didn’t see THIS coming -- *sigh*

Tragic Plum: Oh, no, Mister Big Head – I think they’re GOING… ooooh



Buddha Girl: Well, dat conclude our t’torial – tanks for lookin’. Betcha all learned SUMP’IN!

Marbaden: Yes – I learned NEVER again to trust you little #$@%!

Angry Sparrow: Wat you complainin’ bout – I holdin’ you han’. Dere, dere.

Tragic Plum: And we’ve learned you can’t please everyBODY -- especially when they DON’T have one!... oooh


And a BIIIIG thanks to Susan in Waxahachie for this story idea!

At least they can hold their “liquorice”!


Oh no, what is THIS? Varius finds a long-desired victim, in –


Night falls – and VARIUS roams…



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