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Posted April 20, 2010




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Kif: ****…



Imriel: I see you do not join the ladies, Master Kif – too much female chatter for your ears?

Kif: Oh – to you good even, Lord Imriel. Aye, ‘tis a bit a’nonsense fair talks they.

Imriel: T’would be strange if they talked of manly things, though *chuckle*. And you need not call me “lord” – simply Imriel, if you please.



Kif: Ah… then to you just Kif am I –

Imriel: Good – I would rather we were on better terms, friendlier terms, now that I understand you do not wish harm to my Hibou. Though…I should like to know more of why you felt as you did towards her.



Kif: My sister – Zimta – too friendly by half is she, trusts too much… knew she that dangerous it be to be seen with the Owl Girl – but… heed not warnings did she, and kept on seeing her… *sigh*



Imriel: And who made these warnings – what basis was there for that?

Kif: An elder… saw he, when a threesome dark left a wee Elfling on a tree’s stump near our land’s border west. Elder hunted mushrooms, nothing more… but threats the dark ones made, leave the Elfling be! Elder agreed, and away he went… came back though, and saw did he, a mighty owl pluck the Elfling off the stump, and away flew they.

Imriel: Did the Elder say anything about these “dark ones” – who were they?



Kif: Ah, said he, Elves they were, dark and fearsome, with glinty eyes, flinty eyes. High Elves… and know you we have little truck with their kind, as they look down their fine noses at we Elves of the Mold *hmph*.

Imriel: Dark Elves… and this owl, the Elder saw it take the infant Elf?

Kif: Aye, it t’were an owl known by our folk, and its family knew we too, ages and ages. Seems the family raised up the Elfling, and no meal did they make o’it… strange indeed.

Imriel: Indeed it was – and I am grateful for their intercession! Did the Elder say anything about how to behave towards this Elfling, should they encounter it?



Kif: That he did, and more so after many a year gone by.

Imriel: Is that so – why?

Kif: Paid a visit was he, in a night with no moon, by one o’ the dark ones some years after… and warned again was he, to have no business with the Elfling, if he knew what was good for we Elves of the Mold. In turn Elder made stern warning to us… but as the years went on, well – heed not did Zimta. Scold her Elder did, but know you how she happily goes her own way, and even Elder wouldn’t punish her, scold only. Then – one day, caught was Owl Girl, and away taken by strange folk we know not. Away went Zimta, seeking her! Elder shook his head, and no more did he speak.

Imriel: And – you missed your sister – and were worried for her, weren’t you?

Kif: Oh, aye, aye… *pause* She be my sister, and too good of heart is she…



Imriel: She is; a greater heart and sunnier disposition than anyone I have known *smile*. So there was fear of retribution for having seen what the Elder saw; now I understand a good deal better your behavior. That mystery is solved, but another remains; why was Hibou abandoned in that way – and her sister, Elfride, in a distant land – and by whom

Kif: Those Dark Elves only know, reckons I – and leaves the answer to them, as well!

Imriel: Understood – it is a task best left to a skilled tracker. I sense treachery of the deepest sort here…



Imriel: Let us focus on brighter things, then – like that happy flock of hens over there, shall we? You and I shall “rescue” my son for a bit, haha!

Kif: Aye, enough has he had of babying – a bit o’roughhouse does lads good –



**happy voices and chatter**



Junco: Treachery, indeed, Imriel – deep as the deepest cave, and more twisted than you can imagine…



Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…


Imriel savors a last day in the Beamlette gardens with his beloved little family –


Farewell, My Turtledove of Love – for now…



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