Farewell, My Turtledove of Love – for now…

Posted April 22, 2010




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Imriel: So, little one, how goes the hunting today?

Garlyth: *hoo*-birdy-top-o-mountain-lands-get-then-*hoo-hoo*!



Garlyth: *hoo-hoo*-POUNCE-grab-CHOMP!-*hoohoooo*

Imriel: Haha, yes, that puts it in a nutshell!



Hibou: *hoo*-nutshell-taste-not-so-good-*hoohoo* –



Imriel: You know, dearest Hibou, this is the happiest that I have ever been in my life, to spend this time with you, and with our son –

Hibou: *hoo*-Hibou-happy-Dove-happy-*hoo-hoo* –

Garlyth: *hoo*-when-birdy-come-Garlyth-VERY-happy-*hoo



Imriel: This is truly a paradise for us, and Spring has given it a bounty to further bless us –

Hibou: *hoo*-hunting-good-trees-fine-*hoo* –

Garlyth: *hoo*-blessblessbless-*hoo-hoo!*…

Imriel: *soft laugh* Yes, blessings, Garlyth… let us take a little stroll, Hibou –



Hibou: *hoo*-serious-look-Dove-mine –

Imriel: So it shows… yes, because – I must leave you, and Garlyth. I have stayed far longer than I meant, and my other errands grow pressing –



Hibou: *hooooo*-must-go-you?-*hooooo

Imriel: Yes, I must, as I have other promises to keep – though I go with a heart that tugs so in my chest… which is a good thing, as it will eventually pull me back here, to you *smile* –



Imriel: Garlyth, I am sorry to interrupt your hunting, but this will not take long; come to Papa, please –

Garlyth: *hoo*-birdy-gone-so-here-I-am-*hoohoohoo* –



Garlyth: *hoo*-why-go-Daddy-make-us-sad-*hoooo*?

Imriel: I do not want to make you sad, Garlyth – but sometimes that can’t be helped. Papa has work he must do –

Garlyth: *hoo*-HUNT-work-*hoo*?

Imriel: You could say that – it is like hunting, but not for birds –

Hibou: *hoo-hoo*-nor-lizard-nor-squirrel-*hoohoo* –



Hibou: *hoo*-return-will-you-when?-*hoo*!

Imriel: That I cannot answer, my dearest; I do not know how long it will take – but know I will always be thinking of you both, and I will return the moment I can, if not sooner –

Garlyth: *hoo*-Momma-eyes-so-SHINY-bright-*hoo*!





Garlyth: *hooo*-Daddy-bye-bye-bye-*hoooooo* –

Hibou: *hoo*-brave-Dove-so-white-so-mine-*hooooooooooo



Imriel: *to self* ‘Tis a hunt for truth, my son – the most difficult prey of all…



We wish Imriel a safe journey, and answers to his questions.


Meanwhile, Inigo thinks on a day some months back…


Remembrance – of Another Elven Farewell



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