Remembrance – of Another Elven Farewell

Posted April 27, 2010




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Inigo: *sigh* The embodiment of Spring… Dorilys used to say that about roses…



... she was like a rose herself… beautiful, despite the thorns. Just as she was, last autumn – *thinks back*



(Last November at Ms. Beamlette’s, there were visitors, from Oregon…)


Dorilys: I see… you are resolved, to sever your ties – all of them –

Inigo: Yes – I think it’s for the best –



Dorilys: Including ours.

Inigo: I – I didn’t think you would be willing to part from our kith and kin – would you?



Dorilys: No, I would not! Though I should’ve liked for you to have discussed this with me before you disappeared like a ghost. And while I was gone myself on a mission, how convenient –

Inigo: I – and Sanar – decided it would be safer for you. If someone questioned you, you could honestly say you knew nothing, to prevent any repercussions. I know what I did was hurtful, but I didn’t want any more harm to befall you –



Dorilys: *thinking*… Now that you put it that way – there was an undercurrent of anger – and fear – when the Alar speculated on your whereabouts. Sanar spoke to them, with his usual air of authority, and they seemed placated –

Inigo: Who knows how long that will last

Dorilys: True. Sanar cannot keep their questions at bay forever, skilful though he is at imposing his will.



Dorilys: I should be going now –

Inigo: I’ll walk with you –

Dorilys: I’d rather you didn’t – it will make it all the harder to say good-bye –

Inigo: True…



Dorilys: Inigo… that was harsh of me, I’m sorry –

Inigo: No need to apologize; I understand. It’s like an analogy I’ve learned here in the human world – rip the Band-Aid off quickly *chuckle*.

Dorilys: Band-Aid?

Inigo: A self-adhering bandage – which sticks a little too well –

Dorilys: Silly humans!

Inigo: It’s part of what I find fascinating about them, I think.



Dorilys: Oh, Inigo – I – I hope this fascination won’t be your undoing. I do love you; please remember that.

Inigo: You are kind, Dorilys, and that is more than I deserve; I will treasure your sentiment. Please – go now –

Dorilys: Farewell, then – my Inigo.




**sound of birds singing**



Sanar: So… she is gone.

Inigo: Yes… she is free now. No more ties –

Sanar: And so are you.



Inigo: It was – for the best. I wasn’t there for her, especially of late. Not that she was dependent or clinging… Dorilys is most self-reliant. It was me, not keeping my promise, however tentative it was.

Sanar: You were of two different minds, as well; she prefers the Elven way, and was wise enough to see the futility of persuading you to return.

Inigo: Dorilys was not one to waste to her time on lost causes *soft laugh*.



Sanar: Here we are, two failures at what the humans call relationships – the last thing I ever thought we would have in common! *snort*

Inigo: Indeed, one of the few things WE have in common. *chuckle*



Hard to imagine such good-looking guys can’t keep their gals!


Junco gently brings Inigo back down to earth, and to the present day –


A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose – Or Is It?



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