More Than a Realization

Posted January 26, 2010




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Previous installment: A Shock to the System



Junco: Inigo, which do you think is the more difficult – for an Elf born and bred to abandon Elvish ways, or a mortal-raised Elf to learn Elvish ways?

Inigo: I should think… they are equally challenged. However, it depends on what they bring with them…



Elfride: Good morning – Junco, Inigo, Zephyrus. Um, Junco, may I speak to you? –

Junco: But of course you may; I should be glad if you would –

Inigo: And I shall retire elsewhere, to give you privacy –

Elfride: That’s kind of you, Inigo, but you may stay; I don’t mind at all if you hear us *smile*.



Elfride: I’ve – I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, since the – incident out here, and what we discussed afterward… and it dawned on me who Hibou really is – the sister I’ve been seeking – my sister!

Junco: Yes, Hibou is your sister. Discovering her unusual habitude, I wished you to gradually acquaint yourself, rather than announce it straightaway. Now that the identity is revealed, do you think you can accept her as she is?



Elfride: *sigh* It’s – it’s still very difficult…



Junco: Then I think you need to meet someone whose perspective may make you feel differently –



Imriel: If you will allow me, Elfride, to speak of the beautiful creature that is Hibou, that I may soften your heart towards her. I am Imriel, a High Elf of the Alar

Elfride: Oh – my – sir, you are indeed a grand-looking Elf! I suppose I shouldn’t decline to hear you out –

Junco: There is nothing to fear, Elfride, and there will be much to the good that you shall learn from his testimony.

Elfride: Very well, then – I’ll try to listen with an open mind – Imriel.



Imriel: Thank you, Elfride… I understand that Hibou presents an untamed visage to the world at large, owing to her unusual upbringing, by an owl family since her infancy. Thus ingrained for so long, I doubt she can ever take on what we may call “civilized” ways. Still, I find a beauty in her that I cannot resist, that touches me to my core –



Elfride: Though I was born an Elf, I was raised among humans, which may put me at a disadvantage appreciating Nature to its fullest, I suspect. “Primal” is the charitable term I’d use to describe her –

Imriel: Precisely! Though she needs neither charity nor pity from any of us. She is who she is, and does not worry what the rest of the world thinks. Her wants and needs are simple and to the point –

Elfride: You seem to speak from personal experience, Imriel



Imriel: The most personal, Elfride… we are for all intents and purposes as husband and wife, and have a son together, named Garlyth. Never was there a better mother than she, guiding and protecting, yet allowing him to learn and explore. I daresay if and when the artifices of this world collapse and crumble, she and he will be well-suited to survive, compared to the rest of us; we may well learn from them –



Elfride: Oh… *blinks back a sudden tear*. I – it – it didn’t occur to me that – she could have a family… *pauses*…



Elfride: Imriel, thank you for opening my eyes so that I see beyond her wild face. I am glad that Junco had you speak to me – would you – be so kind – to take me to Hibou, that I may properly make her acquaintance, please?

Imriel: It would be an honor, Elfride, to do so – for you, and for my beloved Hibou. Whenever you are ready –



Elfride: In a moment – let me just – compose myself –

Imriel: Certainly –

Junco: All will be well, Elfride – the time has come –

Elfride: Yes, yes, it has –


To Be Continued…



We now know what Elfride thinks – but what about Hibou?


Unawares, Hibou and her little hatchling happily go about their daily routine…





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