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Posted January 21, 2010




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 “… Cinderella hid her face in her hands and wept. Suddenly she heard a voice ask: “Why are you crying, dear?” “Who are you?” Cinderella asked… ”

** humming**



 “… “I’m your fairy godmother. Now what is your problem?” “Oh,” said Cinderella, “I’d love to go to the ball, but I can’t go like this…” ”




 “… “You are so right about that, my dear. I’m thinking Prada gown, and Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals. Classic, but très chic. Also, fetch that E-NOR-MOUS zucchini from the garden, dear, and bring ‘round the rat in the trap. You’ll need a stretch limousine and driver…” ”

Bliss: Huh?



 “… “Also, a tip for the doorman, dearie; it’s SO embarrassing when you get turned away in front of a crowd…” ”

Bliss: Hey, Auntie Vivvy, WHAT’re you talking about? –



Bliss: That’s NOT how “Cinderella” goes! She gets GLASS slippers, and a coach made from a PUMPKIN!



Vivienne: It is called “artistic license,” sweetie. Script writers use it all the time. Besides, this musty old tale could use some updating, so show your Auntie Vivvy some appreciation, will you, for taking the time out of her incredibly full schedule to enrich your juvenile existence –

Bliss: *siiiiiiigh*…



Bliss: You don’t mess with the CLASSICS! Crazy grown-ups…


(Bliss’ adorable union suit is by Zozo for Sophie’s Attic J)



Big on the *cute*, but a little more sweet-TART 


At LAST, we pick up Elfride’s story – and Elfride seems to have picked up on what’s going on, too…


More Than a Realization



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