You May BANK On It

Posted January 18, 2010




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Valentine: Cousin, what have you there?

Persephone: Ms. Beamlette’s Significant Other, the estimable BF Carl, thought these might be of use to us – storage boxes quaintly known in this country as “banker’s boxes” –



Valentine: Ah – though surely they aren’t meant solely for those engaged in the financial professions –

Persephone: I imagine they originated there, then disseminated down to the masses. These, I gathered, are the latest models, equipped with partitions for better utilization of the space therein –

Valentine: How ingenious, and yet so simple –



Lytton: Well, well – that’s a fine box you have there, Perseph. Should you be showing such things to my innocent little brother? *snicker*

Valentine: Goodness, Lytton, you can make such a simple comment sound so – so salacious! *blush*



Persephone: For that double-entendre, and since I am without my cricket bat, I shall improvise with the lid, like so – **WHACK-WHACK**

Lytton: Ouch! How you do fly off the handle, over a simple observation on my brother’s simplicity –

Valentine: “Simplicity”? And here I thought myself rather complex… or is just that I have a complex?...



Lytton: Are you done abusing both my head and the box lid, then?

Persephone: Be grateful I did not employ the larger portion, to send your head home in. **bop!**



How did such a simple word wind up with such a double meaning? Once again, don’t ask…


Let us move on to something *cute* and *sweet*, shall we? –


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