Not On MY Team

Posted January 8, 2010




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This tableau came about after a couple of doll friends visited. I couldn’t resist having fun at Tarquin’s expense…


Tarquin: No offense, but I don’t swing that way, so stop wastin’ your time, pretty boy, capisce?

Waramon: No offense taken at all, dear Tarquin



Waramon: You do know that Italian is one of the languages of love, don’t you? I find that SO fascinating –



Tarquin: Well, this is said in good old AMERICAN! I told ya, cut it out, or I’ll have to maim you to make my point –

Waramon: Oh, you flirt! When WILL you make good on your intention?



Tarquin: *aside* Aw, cr*p, I keep forgettin’ this guy’s one of them masochists on TOP of bein’ a girly-boy. Sheesh



Waramon: Just TAKE me, now, you big, strong MAN, before the suspense does me in! *grab*

Tarquin: WHAT th’ – get your mitts offa me, NOW!



Waramon: Do relax, and enjoy, Tarquin sweetie – I know I am! *snuggle*

Tarquin: Hey, Ms. Beamlette, call off your lap dog, will ya? He’s gettin’ guy slobber all over my swell suit. Only GIRLS are allowed to do that!

Me: Ignore him, Tarquin. He’ll get bored and wander off in a bit. You know how he is –



Tarquin: Y’know, Ms. Beamlette, I’m tired of you takin’ his side all the time, lettin’ him do what he wants, when he wants. Besides, when’s the last time I had a story op? It’s about time you started to appreciate me better – or I may just find myself a new home – and I know there’s places I’m STILL wanted!




Waramon: *calling* If it’s ANY consolation, dear Tarquin, I will ALWAYS want AND appreciate you!

Tarquin: *off* YOU don’t count!

Waramon: Oh yes I can – to TWENTY-ONE, at least!



As for HOW Waramon does this – oh, better not ask!  


Another risqué vignette followed –


You May BANK On It



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