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Garlyth: *hoo*-missed-lizzerd-… -fast-run-too-fast-BAD-lizzerd-*hoo-hoo*–



Hibou: *hoo*-Momma-know-*hoo-hoo*-find-other-no-worry-*hoo*-Garlyth-fly-Momma-to-quick-*hoo-HOO*



Garlyth: *hoo*-but-lizzerd-want-Momma-…-from-here-see-…-see-good-*hoo*– 

Hibou: *hoo*-yes-good-look-*hoo*-but-Momma-Garlyth-want-NOW-*hooooo*!



Garlyth: *hoo*-Momma-Garlyth-catch-now-Momma-lizzerd-catch?-*HOOO*

Hibou: *hoo*-maybe-better-food-catch-maybe-better-*hoo-hoo-hoohoo*–



Elfride: I – I hope Hibou will understand, and not be frightened or upset… I don’t know how much she knows, or if she even knows about me or any of our family –

Imriel: A good question, Elfride, for which I’ve laid a little groundwork. When Junco told me of all this, I spoke with Hibou, and asked her a few questions about any memories, before telling her you are her sister. She did not say much; however, I believe she is giving it thought –



Imriel: Ah, there she is, and with our little boy; how convenient!

Elfride: They seem to be happy at the moment… I hope it lasts –

Imriel: Have faith, Elfride; I know I do –



Hibou: *hoo*-Dove-with-person-come-*hooooo*–

Garlyth: *hoo*-Daddy-bring-lady-*HOO*!

Imriel: My love, this is Elfride, of whom I spoke earlier – she wishes to properly meet you, and I would be most happy if you will in turn –

Elfride: Hello, Hibou – I’m happy to meet you –



Imriel: This is your sister, love, and she has looked far and wide, high and low to find you. I wish that you may be friends –

Elfride: Yes, I do so want to be friends with you, Hibou, to know you better – and for you to know me, too –

Garlyth: *hoo*-lady-Momma-know?-*hoo-hoo*

Hibou: *hoooooooo*… *stare*



Hibou: *hoooooo*… *stare*

Elfride: Hibou… *to self* stay calm… stay calm…



Hibou: *hoooooo*… *stare*



Elfride: *to self* Please… please… be okay with me… please…




Garlyth: *hoo*lady-PRETTY-like-YOU!-*hoohoooHOOO*

Elfride: Oh! My… you – you’re a little sweetie, aren’t you? *laughs*




Hibou: *HOO*-Sister-are-you-to-Hibou!-Sister-mine-be-for-ever?-*hoohoohooohooooHOO*!

Elfride: Ooof! Haha, yes, I guess that means we are! I’m glad – I think!

Garlyth: *hoo*-Momma-like-happy-Momma!-*hoohoo*



Hibou: *hooooooo*-Sister-mine….-for-ever-ever-ever-*hoooooooo*…

Elfride: Yes… my sister  at long last… my sister. **hugs**



Garlyth: *hoo*-happy-happy-Momma-happy-lady-pretty-too?-*hoo-hoo*

Imriel: Yes, my child – I think they are indeed happy – and it makes me happy, too…



For now, there is a happy intermission – because the story is far from over. Junco still has much work to do…


February means Valentine’s Day, and that is how my stories got their start, so we must uphold the tradition. Interestingly enough, the Sparrows never had a Valentine’s Day story, so here we go –


Wat LOVE Got To Do Wit It?



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