Wat LOVE Got To Do Wit It?

Posted February 13, 2010




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Buddha Girl: Eh, here it gonna be Val’tine’s Day ag’in, an’ we NEVER gots anny Val’tines de whole time we bin here!

Angry Sparrow: Why you tink dat is?



Buddha Girl:Cause we ain’t got no boyfrien’s! Well, all ‘cept Sister over dere – she gots her Horsey Boy –

Angry Sparrow: You tink dat count, since he only part people?

Buddha Girl: Well, sure it count! It more’n you’n’me gots.



Buddha Girl: I’m tinkin’ you an’ me needs ad-vice –

Angry Sparrow: But who we ask ‘round HERE?

Buddha Girl: I know – we ask Ms.BV! Bet she gots some tips dat’ll work – c’mon!



Buddha Girl: Hey dere, Ms.BV – we need you ad-vice!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, ad-vice.

Black Violet: Hey there, little Sparrows. So – you want advice – from me. Sounds interesting… by the way, where’s Tragic Plum? Did you lose her coming over here?



Buddha Girl: Naw, she wit her horsey boyfrien’. Which is why we come see you, ask for ad-vice, ‘bout matters of LOVE – since it gonna be Val’tine’s Day real soon. We needs ta get ou’se’fs boyfrien’s, an’ quick!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, quick. We even settle fo’ ones wit non-people parts, if it come to dat.

Black Violet: *suppressing snicker* You’re keeping your options open, aren’t you, girls? However, I’m not so sure you’ve come to the right person for that kind of advice –

Buddha Girl: Why you say dat, Ms.BV? I mean, you pretty sexy’n all, so you otta know de score.



Black Violet: Fat lot of good it’s done me – when I’ve lost the only love that really mattered. He’s run off, disappeared, who really knows *grimace*. Other than that, I’m a font of wisdom where love and romance are concerned –

Buddha Girl: Wow… when you put it like dat

Angry Sparrow: Dat suck.

Black Violet: No kidding.



**enter Waramon**

Waramon: Ah, dear BV, you always have me, you know. Though I may wander, I return – and return! *wink*

Black Violet: Just in time, too. This conversation was getting me down – I didn’t need reminders of what’s missing. You are one heckuva distraction, Big W –

Buddha Girl: He more den a ‘straction – he a C’LAMITY!

Angry Sparrow: Wat you see in dis big perv, annyway?



Black Violet: Angry Sparrow, I think you answered your own question *chuckle* –

Waramon: I am so good at being bad, aren’t I? And it comes so naturally, too – entirely un-self-conscious –

Buddha Girl: You sure it in’t jus’ UN-conscious?

Angry Sparrow: ‘Bout now I wishinI unconscious.



**enter Washi**

Washi: It’s that time of year, when romance blossoms, and I have come to assist the buds! Call me Cupid –

Buddha Girl: Eh, you gots a new gig, Mister Wishy! But you really tink you can help me’n Sister here?

Angry Sparrow: You know wat rhyme wit “Cupid” – “STOOPID” –

Black Violet: Give the little guy a chance, girls. I mean, he’s so darn cute –

Waramon: I agree, dear BV; what a little morsel of angel food cake he is!



Buddha Girl: Okay, so how you do it – how you gonna get us boyfrien’s?

Washi: With my trusty bow and arrows – they will not fail to find your true loves, at any distance, I promise you –

Angry Sparrow: Don’ make it too far.

Waramon: It sounds to me like a great cosmic darts game – fire when ready, little Cupid!

Black Violet: As long as you point AWAY from us, we’re good to go.



Washi: Permit me to demonstrate –




Other Male Voice: What the – ?

Waramon: Bulls-eye, I do believe –

Black Violet: He did hit somebody –

Buddha Girl: Dis some CRAZY way t’get a boyfrien’!

Angry Sparrow: Yehwat if we don’t like him?



Waramon: With all this romance swirling in the air, I feel a kiss coming on –

Black Violet: Lay it on me, Big W – *smooch*.

Washi: Uh-oh – I think I left the iron on – do excuse me **hastily departs**.

**enter Ulf**

Ulf: I been lookin’ ALL over fo’ my bow’n’arrows – so DERE dey are!

Buddha Girl: Look who gonna take de fall here –

Angry Sparrow: Dat no surprise – ‘cept fo’ HIM.



Arrow Guy: Why you little #@$% – I’LL GET YOU!!!! *ouch*

Second Guy: We’ll give you a wailin’ your momma should be givinya!

Ulf: WHA’? I didn’ do NUTHIN’!!! I’ll TELL on YOU!!!! *runs*

Waramon and Black Violet: *smoochsmoochsmoochsmooooooooooooch*…

Buddha Girl: We STILL don’ gots anny boyfrien’s, after all dat! Whadda gyp – ANUDDER Val’tine’s Day shot –

Angry Sparrow: It shot, all right – in de #@%.



Although they all may not have gotten boyfriends, they did get a much-loved treat –




The Day AFTER Val’tine’s Day

Posted February 15, 2010



Buddha Girl: Eh, tanks fo’ de PEPPY-MENTS, Ms. Beamlettedey jus’ as good as anny ol’ paper Val’tine. Taste a LOT better, annyway *burp*.

Washi: My, yes, how refreshing! *burp*

Angry Sparrow: Den why I not PEPPIER after eatin’ so many? *urp*

Zephyrus: Here, Miss Plum – a little ginger ale should help –

Tragic Plum: Oooooooooooooooooooo… ******



The hazards of love… and chocolate! Though for some, that’s what it’s all about, at least for this couple –


I Love You – to *PIECES*



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