I Love You – to *PIECES*

Posted February 14, 2010




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Previously for Fabien and Yevgeny:

Oh, YOU'RE back again...

Love, love me DON'T

Pick your poison...








**enter Fabien**

Fabien: Heh, look at you – I never thought I’d see you with a longer puss than what you’ve got on right now. A bloodhound’s had a facelift, compared to you!

Yevgeny: So? What do I have to happy about, my darling harpy – you shamefully neglect me. And Valentine’s Day is nigh, to further rub salt in my psyche’s wound.



Fabien: Valentine’s Day? You sentimental fool, you – I didn’t know you cared for that claptrap –

Yevgeny: I didn’t think so, either… I thought I was above the common horde. Yet, lately I have felt such a pang –

Fabien: Like when I jab you with that rusty old nail from the back gate?

Yevgeny: Similar – but it lacks the immediacy… although the pain is almost as palpable –



Fabien: I’ll admit I’ve been ignoring you lately –

Yevgeny: Taking me for granted, to be more precise, o shrewish one –

Fabien: Well, in the name of Valentine’s Day, let me make it up to you, my little babushka! Let’s see –



Fabien: We’ll start with some nibbles – on your earlobes –

Yevgeny: Ah… but so tame –

Fabien: Wait until I pierce them for you! Hope you like multiples. *clacks teeth* Then – we move down to the neck –

Yevgeny: Yes… don’t forget the jugular –

Fabien: Of course not – all this is making me thirsty! *smacks lips*



Yevgeny: I pray you won’t stop there, my Witch of Endor – it’s but a tease –

Fabien: Don’t worry, I’m just warming up. Lessee – oh yes, we’ll get you limber with a good stretching. I’ll give the rack a little oil and polishing –

Yevgeny: No, no – the verdigris of past use is what gives it its charms, jailor of my soul – leave it as it is –

Fabien: Good point – besides, it decreases the resale value on the antiques market, or so I’ve heard *grin* –



Fabien: And just because it’s Valentine’s Day, you know what I will do next?

Yevgeny: How you keep me in suspense – tell me, tell me, NOW, my Grand Inquisitress!

Fabien: I shall reach into your chest, and rip out your beating heart, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yevgeny: Who says you have no sense of sentiment… *siiiigh*


As the old French expression goes, Chacun à son goût (to each their own taste)… and Happy Valentine’s Day.



Hyperbole – or? Some things are best left to the imagination.


Time for a sweet little treat –





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