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Posted May 29, 2007




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It seems that someone feels the need to drown their sorrows…



That someone is Yevgeny.

Yev: **humming Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6 ‘Pathetique’**

…Dum – dadadada-dummm



Tancredi:Allo -- no won-der you are zo mo-rose, dreenking zat paint-theener. You need le vin for to put ze roses en tu visage.

Yev: Why would I need roses, when I am sad and alone



Yev: Besides, I prefer to drink the mother’s milk of my ancestral land… vodka.



Tancredi: Alors now zat you put eet zat way… le vin ees of ma patriezo we must to respect each our customs.



Tancredi: An’ what ees eet zat makes you zo triste comrade?

Yev: A woman – what else do men make fools of themselves for? My beloved Fabien leaves me adrift, a captainless ship on the rough, rough seas of love…

Tancredi: Ah yes, l’amour, et la femme – **to self** eef femme she ees



Yev: And so I make this futile attempt to drown my sorrows… *sigh* this reminds me of my love’s favorite drink – a mixture of hemlock and belladonna. She has this charming way of saying, “It gives me a little BUZZ,” – and then she smacks me upside the head and laughs.



Tancredi: Such a sweet gesture of l’amour... **to self**I should be teemp-ted to do ze same… **aloud** Zat takes me back to wheen I foo-leeshly pur-sued ze love-lee Feenchurch, zo long ago. Eet occurs to me zat we belong to ze same fraternite -- of zose who’ave keesed ze love-lee Feenchurch – an’ LOST.



Yev: Fenchurch… that describes it well, brother – “foolish”. Compared to the charms of my Fabien… I don’t know what I was thinking then. Who knew she waited in the wings for me…



Tancredi: Oui… an’ leetle deed I know zat ma belle E’Clair would come an’ sweep me off mes pieds *le siiiigh*… ‘ow I mees ma belle E’Clair – our time togezher was too short last week-end… hmmmmmm



Tancredi: Au revoir, M’sieur Yev – I must to compose a lee-tle message to ma beloved, to let ‘re know ‘ow I theenk of ‘er – I ‘ave been remees een zat – smile, M’sieur Yev!

Yev: Easy for you to say, Frenchman – you at least KNOW where your beloved is –



Yev: The same as it ever was. I’m born alone, I drink alone, and will probably die alone… without my heartless beauty to kick that last clod of dry earth on my coffin lid…

Fabien: **to audience** shhhhh whatever is my worrywart going on about?



Fabien: **still to audience** Isn’t he sweet  when he’s miserable? And where do you suppose he got that photo he’s mooning over?

Yev: *siiiiigh* What if I should forget what she looks like, it’s been so long….



Fabien: We’ll get you refreshed right away, you silly babushka mine – I have a little trip to take us on. Never mind packing! *smooch*

Yev: Yes… the dead don’t usually need a change of underwear… *siiiigh*.



While at the BJD convention Dollectable in San Francisco, a little flirtation occurred (and we do mean little) –


And WHO was seen canoodling with Stuart Little at Dollectable?



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