Oh, YOU’RE back again…

Part 1 of 2

Posted January 25, 2007




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Fenchurch: I know I really shouldn’t ask, but – what’s with the wings?

Fabien: I’ve been elected Queen of the Damned for 2007. It happened shortly after I got blown off course on my way to attend to that bit of unfinished business with your Hiro boy.



Fabien: Anyway, I’ll have that to look forward to. *grin*  Meantime, I’ve got a new project – remember Yevgeny?



Fenchurch: Yevgeny? What about him?



Fabien: Bringing him here. Auld lang syne and all that. Wouldn’t you like me to work him over?  I sure would. He was pretty hot – and you thought so too, don’t deny it!

Fenchurch: That is so in the past, and it really doesn’t matter. I don’t think you need to bring him all this way to wham him like Easton and Tarquin.



Fabien: I won’t be in such a hurry with this one – he was quite the complicated piece of work compared to those two walking sperm banks. Noooo, I’m going to have a little fun with this one, cat-and-mouse him. After all, that’s just what he did to you – to us



Fenchurch: Don’t do it on my account. Why don’t you go to wherever he is, instead -- I don’t need to see him.



Fabien: That  will be part of the fun. He’ll do his little dance around you, make him think he’s got the upper hand again, then I come in and it goes from a waltz to a Watusi. We will run him up the flagpole, and maybe more than once!

Fenchurch: I’m NOT being a party to this! You are on your own. **leaves room**



Fabien: **to self** Oh, but you will be… *grinning* After all, you’re the BAIT!





Oh, YOU’RE back again…, Part 2 of 2

Posted January 25, 2007



Fenchurch: You! What’re you doing here?

Yevgeny: Why so disingenuous – I’m responding to your letter, asking me to come –



Fenchurch: What letter? I never wrote a letter.

Yevgeny: And what is THIS?



Fenchurch: Huhhhh… **scans letter** Dear Yev, I know I broke it off between us, but – I’ve had time to think. No matter what, I can’t get you out of my mind – and what’s more, I MISS you… Please, come visit me – I promise things will be different now. Lonely for you, Fenchurch. So she can do my handwriting – figures.

Yevgeny: Ohhhh – are you developing a split personality, then? I really wouldn’t have thought that, although I was surprised to receive your letter. A rather pleasant surprise… I thought you might come around.



Fenchurch: “Come around”? Noooo, not me. I had quite enough of your head games for this lifetime. A pity there can’t be a neon sign on your forehead warning others about you.



Yevgeny: “Head games”? I’d say it’s a case of that dreary old saying, “the pot calling the kettle black,” wouldn’t you? Still, deep down I thought you were a tease, or at least had potential in that direction.



**enter Winslow**

Winslow: Yev! What the heck are YOU doing here?

Yevgeny: A certain someone SENT me an invitation. *smirk*

Fenchurch: Wasn’t me – it was Fabien.



Winslow: Oh -- !

Yevgeny: And the other personality has a name– I didn’t know you had that much imagination, Fenchurch –

Fenchurch: There’s a lot you didn’t bother to find out about me – but that doesn’t matter now.



Winslow: **to Fenchurch** He doesn’t have a clue what he’s in for, does he, Fen?

Fenchurch: Nooooo… and it doesn’t concern me, either – Yev’s on his own.

Yevgeny: My little tease, what a letdown, after you’ve dragged me all the way here –



**enter Fabien**

Fabien: Hellllloooo, handsome!



Yevgeny: And how much did she promise you to perform this little charade?

Fabien: Oh, THIS is gratis, I assure you. In fact, it is MY pleasure. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long, LONG time!



Yevgeny: Really… **peering into her face** I… see…



We know what’s in store for Yev – or DO we?  Meantime, Shulamith becomes restless to get on the road:


Gonna Take a Not-So-Sentimental Journey



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