Gonna Take a Not-So-Sentimental Journey

Posted February 6, 2007




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We find Shulamith looking out on the yard, but that’s of no interest to her…



Something else is on her mind…



Easton: So, Shu, you meant it – you’re really going on this trip, then.

Shulamith: Yes… what about it?



Easton: You know what I mean. You don’t have to go.



Shulamith: It’s a good day to fly. Besides, I need a change.



Easton: Y’know, I’ve got prospects. I’m workin’ an angle. Stick around a little longer, sweetheart.

Shulamith: If it were that simple. I’ve got business to attend to, anyway.



Easton: That’s the part I don’t like.

Shulamith: Too bad – it has nothing to do with what you like or don’t.



Shulamith: Gotta go – my cab’s here.



Easton: **to self** Yeah, run away… I might be here when you get back, might not…



**sound of high heels on concrete**



Easton: Ah, who’m I kidding I’ll be here… *sigh*



 We can only imagine her business!


Hibou’s friend seems to be adjusting to her new surroundings – depending on who you ask…


Zimta is adapting nicely to her new surroundings…



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