Zimta is adapting nicely to her new surroundings…

Posted February 7, 2007




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Persephone patiently explains the workings of computers and the Internet…

Persephone: Stay away from “delete” and all will be well.



Oona suggests some new looks…



Channel surfing amuses her, but not some other household members…

Tabitha: You CRAZY elf!!! I was WATCHING that movie! What the h*ll are you thinking???

Malfoy: Now, Tabby…

Chance: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Maeby: Oh bro’ver, you missin’ all the pi’tures



Romance here is, um, a little different from the forest…



Chocolates are a new taste treat…



Midori liqueur is definitely not found in the forest…

 (I think it was the color that attracted her )

Tancredi:ow can you dreenk zat slop? I told you zat WINE ees ze on-lee cee-vee-lized bever-age.

Zimta: *hic*



And at the end of another challenging day, friends bunk down in anticipation of more to come…


Zimta: Good-night, my dearest friend. I wish you a fine rest until the morrow!

Hibou: *hooooo* -and-also-to-you-friend-Zimta-mine- *hoo*



In a little bit…

Hibou: *hooooozzzzzzzzzzzhoooozzzzzzzzzzzhoooozzzzzzzzzz…*



**quietly reaches under bed**



Zimta:soooo handsome is he… *sigh*



What is it about Shakkyo that inspires such interest? Eventually we may find out.


Natsumi got to be a furniture spokesperson to help me show some great BJD-size furnishings, in:


Check your local Ross stores!



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