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Posted February 10, 2007




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This week I found some interesting non-upholstered pieces,

 as shown by Natsumi (HD Lucy) –


Two styles of Kingstate tables…



Two different styles of Windsor-type Kingstate chairs…



Some other Kingstate chairs… I hated to leave behind the broken one, as it was otherwise a nice one (a fix-it job for the BF )…



And these non-Kingstate chairs…



I don’t think this was meant for dolls, but it makes an attractive Oriental bench…



Natsumi’s earned her break with a nice cuppa tea… (smile).



I thought Maeby deserved this cute little chest of drawers.

Maeby: Ohhhh, dolly -- Tha’s where you are… !



The BF’s sister found me this treasure –


** BJD accessory find at Target! **



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