** BJD accessory find at Target! **

Posted February 12, 2007




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My BF’s sister found this for me over the weekend!


It’s in the seasonal toys aisle at Target, $19.99…



…and it come with the tongs and spatula, too.  You can see here what a good size it is for them… (smile)



Tancredi: Ah – I can show you ze fine art of charcuterie, eef you are wee-ling –

Winslow: Why is it I think you only know enough to light your cigarette?

Fenchurch: Let me know when he pours the lighter fluid, so I can get a head start out of here!

Chance: Clear it with Ms. Beamlette first, before I turn over the spatula to you!



Tancredi: Ze nerve! You theenk zat I would burn down ze maison or some-theeng stu-peed!



Tancredi and fire is not a pretty picture, n’est pas?


Now you see the vampire, now you don’t, in:


“Dear Martha Jean, you inquire about Varius…”



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