Girl Talk – I THINK…

Part 2 of 2

Posted January 20, 2007




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Zimta: So you have a – what they call – BOY-friend, Hibou – an elf?

Hibou: *hoooo*-elf-so-pretty-white-as-dove-my-DOVE *hooo-oooo*!



Zimta: Ooooh, a HIGH elf – well have you done for yourself, my dear little friend – like a DOVE, you say?

Hibou: **hands photos to her** IM-riel-is-he-my-dove- *hooo-ooo-ooo*



Zimta: Oh, Hibou – splendid IS he!

Hibou: *hooo*-a-nest-big-he-offered-me-*hooo*-and-PO-ems-*hoo*-AND-badger-BIIIIIG! *hoo-hoo*-necklace-also-*hoo*



Another photo falls – Zimta kneels to pick it up…



Zimta: **gazes at photo** Ohhhhhthis not be Imriel… who is HE?

Hibou: **stares** *hooooooo* -LION-is-he- *hoooo*



Zimta: A lion, say you… my, my…

**short silence**

Hibou: *hooo* -gave-Hibou-rats-nice-… -but-IM-riel-give-… ALL- *hoo*!



Zimta: **tucks aside photo** Then you will not mind if I keep this? Since you have that splendid elf – my dear lucky friend… goodness… who would have thought of meeting an elf in that manner *chuckles* -- Oh Hibou, glad am I that I came seeking you.



Hibou: **hugs** *hoooooo* -friend-mine-share-happiness- *hooo*!

Zimta: Yes – much happiness to be shared – much…



It turned out that the “Lion,” Shakkyo, was NOT amused by Hibou showing his photo to her old gal pal. Eventually he got over his fit of pique…


Meantime, Fabien stirred up the anthill again, to Fenchurch’s annoyance, in:


Oh, YOU’RE back again…



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