There’s Elves, and then there’s - Elves?

Part 1 of 2

Posted January 20, 2007




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Oona enters the living room to find an unexpected guest…

Oona: And who are you?



Zimta: I am seeking the Owl Girl called Hibou. My name is Zimta, and I am a Mold Elf.



Oona: Mold? Um, what is a Mold Elf?

Zimta: We are a lesser-known group of Elves. But very important just the same. Mold is everywhere, and necessary for life. *smile*



Oona: Ermmm, if you say so…  Anyway, may I ask, what you do you want with Hibou?

Zimta: Oh, worry not – I just wanted a little visit with her. I understand she has a new life now, but… I missed her… she was my… friend… back in the forest.



Hibou: *HOOOO*! –friend-Zim-ta!-glad-am-I-to-see-YOU- *hoooo*

Zimta: Oh Hibou, you are all right! Worried was I about you – and whether in a cage they would lock you!




Hibou: *hoooo*… -cage-me-not-…-happy-here-am-I- --

Oona: Oh, yes – I think she’s been pretty happy here – she even has a boyfriend! Interestingly enough, he’s an elf. *smile*



Zimta: An elf – oh my, Hibou. You come all this way from a forest to meet an elf. Where is he?

Oona: Oh, he lives in another town, a few states away. It was very romantic, though – they met on the Internet.



Zimta: Internet -- ? What is this Internet I have been hearing about – it is not something psychic or telepathic, is it?

Oona: *giggling* oh no, you use computers to access it. Although “psycho” and “pathological” better describes some things on it! But that’s neither here nor there –



Hibou: **tugging sleeve** Missss-Oooo-na-Zimta-stay-with-US? *hoooo*?

Oona: Well… knowing Ms. Beamlette, I think we can find some room for you, Zimta. Besides, I see it would make Hibou very happy – she can tell you all about Imriel then.

Zimta: Honored I would be to accept your hospitality *bows*. And Hibou, dear friend – you must tell me about this elf of yours.



Hibou: *hoooo*-eat-first-? **holds up white rat**

Zimta: Hmmm – fresh, too!

Oona: **blanches a little** Erm, I’ll just leave you girls to get reacquainted then – have FUN!



Let’s listen in as the girls reacquaint:


Girl Talk – I THINK…



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