Posted February 22, 2010




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Me: Are you feeling OK, Washi honey?

Washi: Oh… Ms. Beamlette, you know, I’m feeling a little peckish – just a little, mind you –

Me: What would hit the spot, then?

Washi: Hmmm… something sweet… and creamy, I think –



Me: Here you go –

Washi: Why thank you, Ms. Beamlette – that was Johnny-on the-spot service –

Me: Haha! You’re certainly welcome.



Washi: Oh… that’s quite… umm, fancy… what is it?

Me: It’s soft ice cream – it comes out of a machine all swirly like that. Go on, taste it – I think you’ll like it.



Washi: Mmmmmmmmmm… *slurp*… mmmmmmmmmmmmm



Washi: OH! *****

Me: Something wrong, sweetie?

Washi: Yes… and no… I like this ice cream business, but – it’s giving me the chillies! *shiver*

Me: Just a mo’ – I think I know what you need –



Washi: Ahhhhhh… MUCH better now! *slurp*



Don’t you wish all solutions could be that easy?


I couldn’t resist bringing back Ulf the Leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day 2010, and once again he’s looking for love in all the wrong places –


The Return of Ulf ó Flannagáin



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