Putting a best foot forward – if there IS one!

Posted March 31, 2010




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Sales Associate: Ah, Miss, have you decided on any of the shoes? –

Bettina: You bet – all of them, hon! This is my lucky day, finding some great new shoes – I may have to buy some new clothes to go with, eh, Lenore? *chuckle*

Lenore: Sure, Betts…



Lenore: After all, it’s not every day you can find YOUR shoe size. This calls for a celebration – a BIG one *snicker* –



Bettina: That was SO uncalled-for, Len *hmph* – you’ve just sucked all the fun out of this. Maybe I don’t really want them, after all –



Sales Associate: *concerned* Fit and comfort should be high on the list of reasons for buying a shoe, as well as style, Miss –



Sales Associate: I would hate to see you lose out on both, since you seemed so pleased at first –

Bettina: Oh – well – you have a point. As usual, I should consider the source; heaven knows I ought be used to it by now! We’ll take all four pairs, my good man –

Lenore: *strokes suit* Betts is so right; you ARE a good man indeed! –



Sales Associate: I beg your pardon, Miss – is there something you would like to see?

Lenore: Shoe-wise, no – but I like what I’m seeing at the moment *wink*.



Bettina: I apologize for my friend there – she gets a little full of herself at times –

Sales Associate: No problem, Miss – I prefer to think of it as an occupational hazard. Will this be on your store charge?

Bettina: Sure, it could use the exercise – *snerk*

**Lenore hums to self**



Bettina: You seem pretty cheery, even though you’re not the one getting new shoes –

Lenore: I did get something I wanted – *grin*.

Bettina: And what would that be?

Lenore: Why, the salesman’s phone number, silly!



Bettina: Really… Well then, I guess this calls for a celebration – off to the nearest civilized watering hole, hm?

Lenore: I’ll drink to that –

Bettina: No surprise there.



I wouldn’t mind a little martini or Manhattan about now, either – bottoms up!


Ah, Easter – the season for little bunny rabbits, and egg hunts – both of which can be hazardous for one’s health…


Beyond the Valley of the Jellybeans



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