It EASTER, ev’ybody, an’ you know what dat mean Posted March 22, 2008 by Buddha Girl




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Buddha Girl: It mean dere’s bunnies an’ chickens to EAT!

Angry Sparrow: An’ EGGS, too – big ‘uns.

Buddha Girl: But you won’ gets to see us in action. Ms. Beamlette not up to our production values yet, so you jus’ gots to IMAGINE it dis time! But we gots special tanks for all her frien’s that bring dis swell loot for Easter. Dey sure do likes her lots!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, lots.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes… they’re ever so nice and humor us… don’t they, Zephyrus? Oooh

Zephyrus: Indeed they do, Miss Plum.

Oona Dolly: This BIG Peeps is nice and squishy to ride! *giggle*

Gus the White Rabbit: *whispers to Tweety and Momma Peeps* Just keep smilin’, don’t let on… ‘til I give the signal. Then we run like H*LL.

Momma Peeps: *whispering* I’m ready, too, and my wee ones. Shouldn’t be too hard to dump this kid on top of me.

Tweety: *whispering* Oo-tay… I’m weady. At least dere’s no puddy tats  here!


And a VERY happy Easter to everyone on Realm of Resin/Zone of Zen!



Once again, no small furry animals are safe from our ravening girlies!


This next piece isn’t so much a story as a vignette, for the Zone of Zen theme, “Raining Men”. My lovely new FCS boy came with fists, and they inspired this piece –


For the theme – a little old-fashioned bare-fisted action



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