You sure took a risk with Dolores, Kaida...

 Posted February 17, 2008 by Kenzo




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But I wouldn’t have wanted to miss you all dressed up like that. You really look like an old-fashioned Valentine, and you look like you stepped out of the same era as your little ballad.



I know I don’t have a costume this time to go with yours, but I figured this fountain in Ms. Beamlette’s yard made a romantic backdrop –



-- and reflected how I feel, sad that you aren’t here, or I can’t be there…



She’s got a different reason for being sad, though – she’s stuck up there forever –



But I don’t have to be stuck here, do I?

 In the meantime, the next best thing is seeing you, the prettiest picture I can ever imagine. Thank you, Kaida… and happy Valentine’s Day, to you, too.


From Your




Ah, Kenzo… the trials and tribulations of long-distance love.


For health reasons, I wasn’t up to much story-making during March and most of April 2008. But I had to make something for the Sparrows to wish us happy Easter – after all, one cannot forget TRADITIONS!


It EASTER, ev’ybody, an’ you know what dat mean



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