*Schoolgirl* RUMBLE

It’s all about the uniforms…

Posted May 16, 2012




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Uh-oh, I don’t like the looks of this…


Description: SchoolgirlsTake2_16



Description: SchoolgirlsTake2_01

Daria: So… what’s your problem, anyway? Other than being junior high students *snort* –



Description: SchoolgirlsTake2_08

Tabitha: Like it isn’t as obvious as your ATTITUDE – we’re tired of you %$@# dumpin’ on us all the time, and we’re not puttin’ up with it anymore!

Chieko: Yeah, what she said – get the sticks outta your butts, sophomores *hmph* –



Description: SchoolgirlsTake2_03

Allegra: The only sticks around here’ll be in YOUR butts, if you’re not careful –

Igraine: Uh-huh – talk to the hand, babies –



Description: SchoolgirlsTake2_07

Harriet: Who you callin’ a BABY? And I don’t talk to hands – though there’s too many wavin’ around right now –

Maeby: Oh… there’ll be more than hands waving soon, I know it *sigh* –



Description: SchoolgirlsTake2_05

Antigone: Hmmm, wonder where I can get a high school uniform, cheap and quick, in case this goes seriously south…



Description: SchoolgirlsTake2_10

Raven: I just got used to liking coming to school… I picked the wrong friends to hang with… *sigh*



Description: SchoolgirlsTake2_12

Georgie: You like what you see, boys? Guess we should sell tickets, then!



And here’s the spectator sports


Description: Schoolboys_02



Description: Schoolboys_15

Desmond: If I were a betting man, I’d put odds on the little redhead with the big mouth. Heck, let’s START a pool, guys –



Description: Schoolboys_13

Ridley: Meh, my money’d be on Daria – she’s better-looking, too – go, Daria!



Description: Schoolboys_16

Chance: Cripes, it’s my sister Tabby involved! Like I’m really surprised – okay, Val, we’ve got to step in there, NOW!



Description: Schoolboys_10

Alister: Tha’ – tha’s a lot’o shorty skeerts, tha’ ‘tis –



Description: Schoolboys_11

Quade: I’m lookin’ forward to major “fan service”, know what I mean? *snerk*



Description: Schoolboys_05

Valentine: *siiiiigh*… right now is when I SO wish I weren’t a hall monitor…



Testosterone in teen-age boys is pretty lazy by comparison!


Time for a little R&R, with a sweet teen couple –



On the Beach



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