On the Beach

Posted June 5, 2012




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A while back, Persephone and Draculina did a little matchmaking –

Persephone and Winslow go visiting in Oregon

Yentas R Us

Interview with the Vampire


During this autumn visit, things look promising…


Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 209

Marty Jean: Mmm, I like the sound of the waves…

Winslow: Got any songs to go with water?

Marty Jean: Haha – of course! You want a little Beach Boys, or maybe Billy Ocean? *snicker*

Winslow: Nahhh, I was thinking Disney – “Little Mermaid” *snerk*



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 210

Marty Jean: You mean, ♪Under the sea/Under the sea/Nobody beat us/Fry us and eat us/In fricassee♫ –

Winslow: Aw, now you’re just making me hungry!

Marty Jean: Tall boys like you think about your stomachs a lot –



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 211

Winslow: Hey, being tall requires a lot of fuel. I’ve seen you pack it away, too – and you’re just a little widget –

Marty Jean: I think of myself as a hummingbird, thank you very much. We hummies need a lot to keep buzzin’; it’s a scientific fact. Speaking of science – that wave looks bigger than most of ‘em



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 215

Winslow: Whoa! Guess we’d better move, or WE’LL be “under the sea” –

Marty Jean: Eeek, the shoes, the shoes -- not on the shoes!!!! **tippy-toe**



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 218

Winslow: So it’s a little farther away, but we’ve still got a view of the ocean –

Marty Jean: Yeah, I didn’t exactly bring my mermaid costume this time –

Winslow: Too bad, I’d’ve liked to see that.

Marty Jean: I just bet you would! **playful smack**



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 228

Ciel: I’m so MAD at Conan right now *grump*…Huh, dere’s Win’n’MJmebbe dey’ll play wif me!



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 229

Ciel: Hey, run up’n’downa beach wif me, okay?

Winslow: Hey back, little man! Naw, Marty Jean’n me just want to sit and look at the waves –

Marty Jean: Yeah, that’s it; we’re watching the waves now, Ciel. What happened to Conan? Why aren’t you with him?



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 231

Ciel: Conan’s being real DUMB right now – so I not talkin’ to him! C’mon, pleeeease, play wif me! **waves hands**

Winslow: Conan’s being dumb, huh? Maybe you should go find him and make him UN-dumb.  Always worked for me and my cousin Fen when we were your age – though she usually won! Don’t you go telling people that, though *snicker*.

Marty Jean: Listen to Winslow, Ciel – well, except try making nice with your brother. I don’t want to have to get out the Band-aids!



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 233

Ciel: *hmph* Gw’own-ups – you NO help! And NO fun! **runs away**



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 234

Marty Jean: I just got this flashback – me and my sister Cassandra when we were kids… Ciel’s right, grown-ups are NO help or fun at all, haha!

Winslow: That’s what my older brother David was good for; took a lot of heat off our mom. Hmmm, how about we find another spot; get a little more privacy until we have to referee?

Marty Jean: I like your thinking, Win…



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 273

Marty Jean: Oh yeah, this is more like it! ♪I know a dark, secluded place/A place where no one knows your face!/A glass of wine, a fast embrace/It’s called Hernando’s Hideaway, a-way!♫ –

Winslow: Oh man, I think my grampa used to sing that; talk about a blast from the past. Only catch is it’s not dark here –



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 274

Marty Jean: I know! Would you like being here in the dark, then?

Winslow: Well, that depends –



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 277

Winslow: If it’s with you, that’d be a good thing, doncha think?

Marty Jean: Sure – we could make s’mores – they always taste better after sundown *giggle* –



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 281

Winslow: But we don’t need to wait until dark for this…

Marty Jean: …Nu-uh…



Description: Description: Oct2011PNWtrip 283

**crashing waves**

…Caribbean Queen
Now we're sharing the same dream
And our hearts they beat as one
No more love on the run…



Ah, young love!


Oh, it’s THAT time of year again, when the Frenchy holiday rears its head for the guillotine –



Guillotines & Melons & Kumquats, Oh My!



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