Interview with the Vampire

Posted October 14, 2009




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Winslow: Um… hey there, Ms. Draculina. Someone said you wanted to see me?

Draculina: Why, yes, dear Winslow, that is correct. Enter, enter, and do sit here beside me. I would like a little chat with you, a tête-a-tête, as it were –

Winslow: O-kayyy



Draculina: I trust you’ve had a pleasant time, besides that hugging trees business? Perhaps experienced some congenial human company? –

Winslow: Oh, er, sure, Ms. Draculina – everyone’s been real friendly. Can’t complain. I wouldn’t mind comin’ back – if I’m invited. I might even think about going to college here –

Draculina: Would you – hmmm, yes, education is very important, so I’m told. You would be most welcome to return, as you seem of an amiable nature, as well as pleasing visage –

Winslow: Gee, thanks, ma’am – you, too –

Draculina: Flattery is always appreciated, dear boy. However –



Draculina: What is meant by that design on your shirt front, pray tell?



Winslow: Uh-oh… **remembers what he put on that morning**  Erm, it’s just a funny shirt – honest – I didn’t mean it as a comment or anything. You could say it’s a Freudian slip –



Draculina: Having had a passing acquaintance with Herr Dr. Freud, it puts me in mind of a full bustle and petticoat, wouldn’t you say, dear Winslow? Hmmm?

Winslow: If you don’t mind, Ms. Draculina, I’m feeling more like something up a flagpole right now *fidget*

Draculina: And a pretty banner you make, my dear. Perhaps a change of colors is in order, though – don’t you think?

Winslow: If you mean change my shirt, sure… I can do that *whew*…



Meanwhile, Persephone has a problem of her own…

D’Angelo: Long time, no see, beautiful. How did you know I was missing you?

Persephone: I chose this seat merely to catch my breath, with NO intention of sharing it. And I also have NO interest in whether you lacked my companionship, or your opinion of my physiognomy. Now remove yourself to another jurisdiction, immediately!

D’Angelo: As a matter of fact, my little tamata, I like your figure-onomy, or whatever you call it, just fine.  Sweet and petite... just the way I like 'em.  Plus that smart little mouth you got on you and –




D’Angelo: Hey!  Persephone, why'd ya run away so fast?

Persephone: *off* Since YOU would not depart, there was only one other of us that could do so – Yours Truly!

D’Angelo: Oh – so now you’re going all Dear John-letter on me?

Persephone: Most Sincerely! *exit*

D’Angelo: *calling* Babe! You can ALWAYS return to THIS sender, y’know!



Persephone will be sure to leave No Forwarding Address *snerk*.


Halloween takes a scary turn, as well it should –





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