Yentas R Us

Posted October 13, 2009




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Winslow: So – it wasn’t really just an accident, meeting up with you in the park, was it, then?

Marty Jean: Haha, nooooo… I think it’s a set-up, and I bet you can guess who’s behind it, can’t you?



Winslow: I’ve got a pretty good idea… not that I mind… not at all *smile*.



Marty Jean: Me neither… it’s really kinda sweet of them… hmmm…



Meanwhile, on the other side of the room…

Draculina: So, my dear girl, I see the “casual” meeting went off without a hitch?

Persephone: Affirmative… I believe that at least Winslow did not see through our plan, and Martha Jean seems delighted to have made his acquaintance. The old expression, “Getting along like a house afire”, may pertain here –



Draculina: Why, indeed they are – marshmallows and sticks all around, I should think! And here comes the lovely boy in question – mmm, as handsome as the photos, if not more – ah, youth!

Persephone: He derives from a family endowed with good looks, I do agree…



Winslow: Just wanted to say thanks, Ms. Draculina, for inviting us to come up for a visit – I really like it here in Oregon.

Draculina: How kind of you to say so, Winslow; we are delighted to have a charming and upstanding lad like yourself around the house. Do tell me, what all have you seen, and what has pleased you most?

Winslow: Well, ma’am… in all honesty, the trees. Where I come from, we sure don’t have trees like you all here.

Draculina: The trees are what pleased you the most??!!  I see that we shall need to work a bit more diligently on your education, young Winslow, and remedy your current perception about what pleases you the most in our area.  Run along then and hug your tree.  We shall have further opportunity for conversation in the not too distant future – you may be assured of that.

Winslow: Yes, ma’am – nice talking to you. *exits*



Draculina: Do you suppose – that scamp Winslow knew all along, and was twitting us – having a little joke at our expense?

Persephone: It would appear that we were outed


(Nor is it the end of this...!)



After all, it was rather obvious!


Win finds himself called upon the carpet – in Draculina’s boudoir…


Interview with the Vampire



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