Persephone and Winslow go visiting in Oregon

Posted October 12, 2009




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In August, Persephone and Winslow decided to beat the Vegas heat, and mingle with Clara’s resin family…


Winslow: Nice park, Persephs’good to be outside for a while. Say, that girl’s wavin’ at us – you know her?

Persephone: Indeed – I believe it is my dear friend Martha Jean who approaches –



Marty Jean: Hey, Perseph, they told me you were out here at the park – oh, hi – I didn’t know someone was with you. I’m Marty Jean –

Persephone: Martha Jean, this is Fenchurch’s cousin, if you recall my mentioning –

Winslow: Hey there. My name’s Winslow, Winslow Tait – but you can call me Win –



Marty Jean: Oh wow, so you’re THE Win I’ve heard about! All the way from ♪…Viva, Las VEGAS! ♫

Winslow: Haha, yeah! Well, really from Tucson, Arizona

Marty Jean: Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner / But he knew it couldn't last. / Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona / For some California Grass…♫



Winslow: Heh, you’re a human I-pod – no batteries or recharging required. Come with us, and keep us entertained, will you?

Marty Jean: Sure thing – I can show you around, what there is to see. Small town, and all that, you know. The park’s nothing fancy, but it’s green, and at least the weather cooled off. Man, it was HOT a few days ago!

Winslow: Hey, I’m used to hot, where I come from – but we also have air conditioning in our houses –

Persephone: Indeed; we spend weeks at a time indoors. Shall we perambulate, then, and enjoy this verdant terrain?

Marty Jean: If you mean, “walk around”, yeah, let’s!

Winslow: Sounds good to me –



Persephone: *to self* The stratagem commences…



Winslow: Yeah, it’s not any too soon I start looking for a place to go to college. Besides the program, the location’s important, too. Go someplace completely different from where I’ve been – I’ve been living in deserts all my life.

Marty Jean: This is pretty opposite of where you’ve been, for sure – so, what’re you gonna study in college?

Winslow: Forensic pathology –

Marty Jean: Oh wow, you mean as in all those CSI shows, but for real?

Winslow: Uh-huh – but no TV for me! I like to figure out mysteries, especially if it’ll help in solving a crime, or just knowing what happened to someone. It’s not gonna be easy or quick, though – there’s undergrad, and med school first; but whatever it takes, it’s worth it.



Marty Jean: Ummm, it’s kinda messy, isn’t it – ?

Winslow: Well, yeah – you can get called out in the middle of the night to look at a body that’s been dead for several days, and that ain’t pretty. You gotta learn to hold your lunch; so far, I’m lucky and not much bothers me that way –

Marty Jean: Ohhhh, ♪…The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out. / The worms play pinochle on your snout! ♫

Winslow: Haha, yeah, you got it!

Persephone: Hmmm… shall we continue this fascinating conversation while further ambulating now?



Winslow: Hey, where’d Marty Jean go? And you think it’s gonna rain?

Persephone: Any and all things are possible, where the weather and Martha Jean are concerned – though I can’t imagine she has gone far –



Marty Jean: Hey, guys, I’m back – you miss me much?

Persephone: We were rudderless and becalmed in this sea of green – to what ends of the earth did you voyage?

Marty Jean: Eh, just lookin’ for the ladies’ room, is all. Nature calls, and all that *snicker*.

Winslow: Yeah, that and the shopping mall, or whatever they’ve got around here –

Marty Jean: Yeah, that too *grin*.



Persephone: Precipitation looked imminent a bit ago, but I think it has skirted us –

Marty Jean: Yup, it done come and gone… And I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain…♫

Winslow: I’m glad someone did – hey, let’s go over there, to that big rock –



Marty Jean: So, how d’you like the view? Not exactly nosebleed –

Winslow: S’fine – I wasn’t exactly looking for a nosebleed –

Persephone: Nor I, or even the mention of one. However, provoke me, and I may bestow one –



Winslow: We’d better watch it, then, Marty Jean – I’ve seen her right hook in action, and I don’t think we want to be on the other end of it *wink*.

Marty Jean: No kidding, she’s clocked my cousin JB more than once – but then he LIKES it when she does it *snerk*!

Persephone: *sigh* True… a change of maneouver is called for, I fear…


(To be continued…)



I think Persephone isn’t so keen to get back to the house…


Win and MJ continue their conversation, much to certain parties’ enjoyment…


Yentas R Us



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