Tea and Sympathy and Chocolate

Posted April 22, 2011




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Bunella: Thank you for accepting my invitation to tea, Oona Dolly. I know it was last-minute, but… I really needed a little company at this time –

Oona Dolly: Oh – are you feeling a little down, Bunella?



Bunella: Yes… this time of year, when I look at my brothers’ portraits, I feel especially blue –

Oona Dolly: Ah, yes, Diggory and Bun-Bun – it seems both long ago, and just yesterday, too, since their passing, doesn’t it?



Bunella: Poor lads, brought down in their prime. Diggory was a sweet, sweet boy… as for Bun-Bun, well – he was NO angel, I admit, but, did he really deserve what he got? And on Easter, too!




Sparrow Sisters: You no gets OUR eggs!!!

Bun-Bun: Just TRY me, you little cockroaches!



Angry Sparrow: Take DAT, weevil bunny!

Buddha Girl: Hehhehheh, we eat Easter Bunny for EASTER! Save chicken for other day.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, we killed the Easter Bunny… ooooo


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“…Diggory’s demise happened just a year later, almost to the day – ”


Diggory: I’m sorry, little girls, but I cannot tarry today – could you please let me pass?

Buddha Girl: Eh, rabbit, you mighty fancy – you SOLID?

Angry Sparrow: If you solid, you be good eatin’.

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, we’d really have something to celebrate with then…



Buddha Girl: Dat BEST Easter bunny I ever eat *BURP*.

Angry Sparrow: *urp* Dat MOST I ever eat.

Tragic Plum: OOOOOH… No more chocolate… EVER… ooooh


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Oona Dolly: Goodness, no wonder you’re down; I’d be, too, if my kin had met such nasty ends, and at the hands of those notorious sisters!



Bunella: Oh yes, just – just talking about it, I – *sniff* – sorry, I get so emotional **wipes tear** –



Oona Dolly: There, there, Bunella **gently pats shoulder** –

Bunella: *sniff* Thank you *sniff* for being so understanding *sniff*. I’ll pull myself together, in a moment –



Oona Dolly: Not to worry. Drink some of your tea, and have a chocolate; that’ll steady you –

Bunella: Hmm, yes… I think I need them –



Bunella: Mmm, this is good tea – and where did you get those scrumptious chocolates? Mmm

Oona Dolly: Thank you – they’re from this little store I know… **studies photos**



Bunella: *sighhhhhh*…

Oona Dolly: *to self* I knew there would be some hard work involved when I accepted my duties as an Easter Bunny – but I was SO naïve; who knew the hazards out there – who could predict the Sparrow Sisters?



…Still, I will do MY job! No one must go without their Easter baskets and Easter eggs – no one!



Brave Oona Dolly! I expect some patriotic music swelling in the background, with a flag unfurling behind her *salute*…


Even this next little bit of Easter fluff is not without tension –



Quacking Up



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